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See how Early Learning Coalition of PBC handles 9,000 more minutes of calls

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Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County, Florida is an organization with the mission to ensure that every child in the county has access to quality preschool education. The programs are designed to enhance each child's ability to progress and develop language and cognitive capabilities through early schooling.

Hear from Luis Mena, Vice President of IT at ELCPBC, on why he chose Dialpad and how it has helped them seamlessly switch to their call centers to work remotely.

With Dialpad we can answer calls seamlessly. We handled around 9,000 more minutes worth of calls the first week fully remote as we did the week prior.

Luis Mena
Vice President of IT
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What is your role, and what are some business challenges you face?
My job is to implement technologies that help us maintain our mission that provide the highest level of customer service to families and child care providers in our community. I also oversee a talented technical team that implements, deploys, and trains our staff on how to best use the software and services that are available to them.

Why did you choose Dialpad?
When our contract was up with our previous telecom provider, we knew we needed to look for a more modern solution that allowed us to operate seamlessly from a desk phone, smartphone, or softphone on a laptop.

Dialpad worked with us by tailoring the quote and offerings around our requirements. They seemed to want our company more than the competition, which greatly factored into our decision to choose Dialpad.

What are some of your users' favorite Dialpad features?
Our end users find the software client to be intuitive, easy to use, and full-featured. They like the ability to be able to text with customers, as well as transfer calls and bridge three-way calls right from their laptops.

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Our customer service manager finds managing contact center agents a breeze and appreciates the level of reporting that is available.

Dialpad is always listening to customer feedback, and they've been quick to implement some changes we've requested. They're super responsive, and their customer support is excellent.

How has Dialpad helped your employees work remote?
Hurricanes are always a threat here in sunny South Florida, so when we deployed Dialpad we always had flexibility in mind. For our contact centers, we did not deploy physical handsets opting to go softphones only. This would allow the agents to get comfortable with using it daily so should the agents need to relocate, they would be able to take their laptop and headset and operate from anywhere.

When the pandemic hit, we were able to pick up and work remote. With Dialpad, we can answer calls seamlessly and we've even expanded our call center hours. We handled around 9,000 more minutes worth of calls the first week fully remote as we did the week prior.

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