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How Edge Logistics stays connected from Chicago to Colombia

Edge Logistics hero

No matter which industry your business is in, speed is everything—and your customers’ needs determine your speed.

Edge Logistics, which provides supply chain solutions to help businesses move quickly, knows this is true. It had a problem though: it was using an on-premises PBX solution for its contact center.

In addition to the equipment taking up space and costing both time and money to maintain, it brought its own set of difficulties. Adding new employees to the system was a time-consuming, difficult process, and getting support for faulty equipment was next to impossible.

Every time we hired somebody, we had to give them weeks' notice to get the phone numbers to get the equipment sent—something always went wrong. And it just became a really time consuming, monotonous and, you know, terrible process.

Will Kerr

As a global organization, Edge Logistics needed a solution that could connect its offices around the world, from Chicago to Colombia. This made using an on-premises solution even more difficult—each office needed to order its own equipment, and had to handle the upkeep and maintenance.

So, the decision to switch to a hosted solution that they didn’t have to manage as much was an easy one. It was time to shop around for a cloud communications platform.

No more calling blues

After switching to Dialpad, Edge Logistics saved a significant amount of investment since they no longer have to support an on-premises solution, which means they no longer have to set up new equipment at each location.

Edge Logistics now uses Dialpad for inbound customer support and service calls, as well as for outbound sales. They’ve got a call routing system (that’s easy to customize) and individual business phone numbers for team members—without needing to get new phones for everyone.

Managing individual users is simple for Edge Logistics’ admins too, since Dialpad provides in-depth contact center analytics to help keep efficiency up and identify areas for improvement. If an agent is having difficulty with certain customer issues, Dialpad’s analytics will identify the problem so Edge Logistics can work on it. They can even access information like the average time it takes to answer each call and the busiest call times of the day on a convenient heat map.

When you’ve got shipments every single day that are going out by air, trucks, LTL (less-than-load—basically smaller freight) and water, your team has to be in sync. Constantly. But what if you miss a call about an important shipment because something important came up? It’s pretty much impossible to never miss a call, no matter how efficient a company is.

That’s where Edge Logistics’ teams are really benefiting from Dialpad’s artificial intelligence-powered features, specifically the automated transcriptions and visual voicemail that make checking call records easy. (Learn more about use cases for AI in logistics.)

They’ve seen things you wouldn't believe

Edge Logistics switched to Dialpad early on, so it’s seen Dialpad’s growth firsthand. Whenever Dialpad added new features, from contact center to mobile apps to video conferencing, Edge Logistics was one of the first to experience the latest and greatest.

I think we were one of the first clients to start using the Call Center when that was in beta testing. That’s when it really blew up for us, because that technology fits our model perfectly.

Will Kerr

Speaking of which… Yes, Dialpad's cloud contact center platform is really easy to use (we can show you how to set a new call center up in literally minutes if you want a demo).

Welcome aboard

One of the biggest perks for Will and his team is that they can get new employees set up really quickly because Dialpad is so easy to deploy, scale, and use.

Whenever a new employee comes onboard, they no longer have to wait for new desk phones to arrive and get connected with a new phone number—it’s just as simple as adding a new user and having them download the Dialpad app.

Overall, from a cost versus value perspective, it’s been outstanding for us. Being able to manage our users, our call centers, our analytics and our data, and even route calls in-between countries simultaneously—all of that’s been an integral part of our business.

Will Kerr

Edge Logistics moved its on-premises solution to the cloud and saw results pretty much immediately—are you ready to take your team to the cloud?

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