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Charity: Water Powers Global Projects with Dialpad

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Charity: water is an international nonprofit, founded in 2006. Its goal is to solve the world’s water crisis by providing clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet. 100% of the organization’s public donations go towards building water sites in more than 20 countries. To help drive these initiatives, charity: water relies on Dialpad’s modern business communications platform to support teams around the globe.

Prior to Dialpad, charity: water used an aging phone system that couldn’t quite stretch to meet the needs of a modern, on-the-go workforce. IT struggled with provisioning users and managing remote offices, while employees felt restricted by stationary desk phones.

“I wanted a phone system that could scale worldwide—Dialpad delivered.”
Ian Cook
Head of IT

Whether employees are traveling to offices in London, managing water sites in Ethiopia, or running fundraisers in New York, Dialpad’s cloud-based conversations are only a click away. By empowering this work-from-anywhere culture, charity: water enables employees to move fast and communicate on-the-go:

sending an sms from dialpad desktop app

As charity: water’s teams network with donors or chat with co-workers, they now have the freedom to customize how they communicate—in and out of the office. And thanks to Dialpad's native integration with Google Workspace, the nonprofit’s communications and productivity platforms are deeply connected. With click-to-call, teams can kickstart calls straight from their inbox. Employees can also view recent emails, upcoming calendar events, and shared documents, right from the Dialpad interface, making it easy to jump into conversations with the insight they need.

By moving to Dialpad, charity: water removed administrative roadblocks, saved thousands in business phone system costs, and completed its Anywhere Worker IT stack. Teams can now connect effortlessly on a global scale and spin up offices wherever work takes them. From London to Bangladesh, charity: water uses pure-cloud communications to power collaboration across its vast network of employees, donors, and partners.