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Here's the latest roundup of startup news for August. 🎉

Useful articles you don’t want to miss

  • Tips for startups raising investment: Post #2!

Dialpad product highlights and guides

  • What is sales automation? A detailed guide from our own sales leaders!
  • Proactive customer service - A blog post from Jen, our VP of Customer Experience
  • Getting Started with Dialpad

Startup stories 🦄

Check out this month's stories from fast-growing startups LeadSigma and Viewabo:

  • LeadSigma: See how they got set up with Dialpad in just 30 minutes!

  • Viewabo’s team makes a ton of international calls—without racking up long-distance fees

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    Partner news


    Through Carta, you can maintain an accurate cap table, access fundraising tools and benchmarks, and generate and track your SAFEs all in one place. Get started for free, and when you upgrade to a paid plan, receive 20% off your first year subscription. Check it out here.


    Join us for this exclusive interactive session with leading CX experts from Notion and Freshworks to learn actionable CX best practices and turn your Customer Success program to become a revenue engine. Save your seat!


    You could get up to $250K from the IRS to fund your product development!

    Our partner, Boast.AI streamlines and automates the process to help you access this R&D tax credit. Try their calculator to estimate how much you can get back.

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