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Get ready: Ai Recaps unrolling for all users starting March 15th!

Dan O'Connell

Chief Ai & Strategy Officer

Ai Recaps Launch hero
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Quick recap (mind the pun): Last year, we announced “Ai Recaps” to the world, a powerful Dialpad Ai feature that provides generative call summaries to make your team meetings and customer conversations more productive, accessible, and actionable.

Well today, we're thrilled to announce that this innovative feature is officially available as of March 15th, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with all of our users!

(Re)introducing Ai Recaps: What is it?

In a nutshell, Ai Recaps provides instant, AI-generated summaries of your calls and meetings.


But it’s so much more than just another feature—it's your key to unlocking clarity in a world overflowing with conversations. Drawing on DialpadGPT's prowess and informed by billions (yes, billions) of minutes of data, this tool promises to transform every business interaction into concise, actionable insights.

Ai Recaps is a big step in Dialpad’s commitment to streamline your communication, helping you quickly distill essential information, catch up on discussions effortlessly, and focus on strategic decisions that drive your business forward.

With Ai Recaps, every conversation becomes a clear path to achieving your goals.

Why Ai Recaps?

Say goodbye to manual note-taking, and say hello to concise, actionable insights! Here's why you’re going to want to Ai Recaps on your team:

  • Instant summaries: Get clear, concise summaries of your conversations in seconds.

  • Action items: Never miss a follow-up task again with highlighted action items.

  • Auto-save to CRM: Automate your data entry, freeing up time for growing sales and support.

  • Easy sharing: Share call and meeting highlights and to-dos with your team in a click.

  • Smart calendaring: Easily turn plans in your Ai Recaps summary into calendar events.

  • Custom formatting: Adjust the length of your summary or the format with the click of a button. (Prefer bullets as opposed to sentences? No problem!)

  • Smart search: Dive into your summaries with a new searchable feature to find key details quickly.

What our EAP customers had to say about Ai Recaps

Upon its initial conception, we launched an Ai Recaps Early Adopter Program that was made available for our existing Dialpad customers that signed up through the waitlist. Through this program, we gained valuable insights that helped make Ai Recaps even better (if you’re reading this and you were part of our EAP, thank you!)

Here’s what some of our customers had to say:

New City Moving improved call review time from 10 minutes to 30 seconds

“Ai Recaps was a lifesaver. It allowed us to quickly glance at summarized points, ensuring we were always on top of our tasks. Compared to having to review a 10-minute long call, we can now find what we need in 30 seconds.” Read the story >

BM2 Freight saves at least 5 hours per week with Ai Recaps

“Having to go through long calls to find a couple of action items can take a lot of time. If we miss something, there would be lots of back and forth with reviewing calls and checking details with call participants. Ai Recaps definitely makes things more productive and efficient. We’re saving at least five hours a week.” Read the story >

Sunstate Equipment saves 25% of time spent on calls

"Since integrating Dialpad, we've noticed a remarkable 25% reduction in the time spent on calls," Stephen proudly reports. This improvement is not just a win for the team's productivity—it also enhances customer satisfaction. Dialpad Ai Recaps has been central to this transformation.”

Ai Recaps real-world use cases

Here are some examples of how Ai Recaps can help improve your workflows:

  • Remote team collaboration: For remote teams, Ai Recaps can bridge the gap caused by different time zones and schedules, ensuring every team member has access to the same call and meeting insights.

  • Project management meetings: Project managers can use Ai Recaps to quickly revisit meeting decisions and action plans, ensuring project milestones are clearly communicated and met.

  • Sales team debriefs: After client calls, Ai Recaps can provide sales teams with concise summaries, highlighting key points and action items, facilitating prompt follow-up on sales opportunities.

  • Customer support call analysis: For customer support teams, AI Recaps can summarize calls, helping to identify common issues, track resolution progress, and improve service strategies.

  • Executive briefings: Busy executives can rely on Ai Recaps to stay informed about key outcomes from meetings they couldn’t attend, keeping them in the loop on crucial company decisions.

  • Training and onboarding: Ai Recaps can be used to create easily digestible summaries of training sessions, helping new employees catch up on important information quickly and effectively.

Watch this space—Ai Recaps is coming soon

We're thrilled to bring Ai Recaps to all Dialpad users, and we can't wait for you to experience the difference it makes in your day-to-day communication. Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up for the official launch in March!

Take a tour of Ai Recaps in our on-demand webinar

Hosted by Dialpad and T-Mobile, this webinar will walk you through all the ways Ai Recaps can maximize meeting efficiency.