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DialpadGPT: Transform your business with precise and scalable generative AI

John Finch

SVP, Solutions & Product Marketing

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It’s no secret that AI is becoming an essential solution to many business challenges. But as with any new technology, AI also has its fair share of limitations: security, expertise, model accuracy, usage restrictions, cost constraints, accessible compute power… to name a few.

Enter DialpadGPT—a specialized, domain-specific Large Language Model (LLM). It offers a cost-effective, scalable, secure, and accurate way to empower businesses with Dialpad’s world-class Ai features.

DialpadGPT is designed specifically for automating and enhancing business interactions, and with its power, you can improve your customer experience, optimize sales strategies, and streamline communication workflows across your organization.

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DialpadGPT: What is it?

DialpadGPT is the first LLM tailor-made to support and automate business communications. This fine-tuned, specialized LLM provides a highly accurate, scalable, and cost-effective method of applying artificial intelligence to every day workflows.

For example, for customer experience teams and sales teams, this means automating manual tasks and increasing efficiency and effectiveness across all facets of business communication.

What makes DialpadGPT different from other LLMs?

While open source, generic LLMs can be very effective for general purpose functionality, they struggle with various components of reliability like rate limits, hallucinations, and precision.

DialpadGPT provides a smaller, highly specialized foundation which outperforms general purpose models with increased precision around business communications—all in a highly cost-effective and scalable way.

Other benefits include:

Limitless scalability

Businesses of different sizes should all be able to access the transformative benefits of AI. That’s why DialpadGPT ensures unrestricted access to Dialpad Ai’s powerful features, irrespective of your company’s scale. Say goodbye to rate limits that stifle growth, and welcome the freedom of scalability.

Robust security

At Dialpad, security is at the core of everything we do. Just like the rest of our tech stack, DialpadGPT adheres to rigorous security standards, keeping all data security within the Dialpad network. Our commitment to protecting your (and your customer’s) confidential data includes significant security measures and regular audits.

Dialpad maintains compliance with SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, CSA, and ISO, ensuring your data is safeguarded according to the highest industry standards. For more information on our robust security, privacy, and compliance policies, visit

Industry-leading accuracy

DialpadGPT stands out for its exceptional accuracy, thanks to its training on billions of data points related to business conversations and transcription. Unlike open-source or consumer-grade Large Language Models (LLMs), this domain-specific training minimizes inaccuracies, ensuring minimal hallucinations and unparalleled precision in the AI-generated outputs.

Significant cost advantages

With DialpadGPT’s domain-specific approach, you can unlock substantial cost advantages compared to traditional LLMs, due to less required compute power and a more optimized model. This cost-effective solution brings the power of AI within reach of businesses of all types—without straining your budget.

Enhanced accessibility

DialpadGPT democratizes AI by making it easily accessible to all users. There’s no need for complex development or model training—Dialpad Ai’s features are available out of the box. DialpadGPT can be customized to different line-of-business and industry needs, ensuring that the advantages of AI are within your reach.

Cutting-edge AI functionality

At Dialpad, we retain full ownership and control of the Dialpad Ai engine, allowing us to rapidly develop and deploy practical and impactful features. This ensures continuous updates and enhancements that deliver significant ROI for your business.

How to start using DialpadGPT

Contact your Dialpad sales rep to start using DialpadGPT today.

Or, see a demo of Dialpad’s Ai Sales Center solution today and see how DialpadGPT can help improve your top-line revenue.

See how it works

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