The Good Ai

Can you find the 42 hidden Ai easter eggs in our Super Bowl LVII commercial?

Looking for clues?

CRT television

1. Hey Gerty

A cute virtual assistant for a man on a moon base

2. What is...

This Ai played a game show! (and won)

3. Red or blue?

Do you want to stay in the simulation?
Hand shake

4. Imitation game

The iconic test designed to check whether a machine can think like a human.
VCR player

5. ChatVCR

Can a generative Ai write a verse in the style of the King James Bible explaining how to remove a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR?
Red disc

6. Affirmative

One of the earliest AI characters, introduced in this classic 1968 film.
Cowboy hat

7. The new world

Have you seen this sci-fi show set in a Western-themed park... with robots?
Broom and bucket

8. Goodbye, chores(?)

Everyone's favorite animated mouse animates a broom with AI to do chores—with unexpected results.

9. Goodbye, chores

No, really. This popular vacuum's AI can "remember" the layout of your home and keep your floors spick and span.
Grey box

10. Aw, (lug) nuts

What if robots hated humans? S1E5 of this animated sci-fi sitcom makes the idea seem almost funny / not so scary...ish.
Teddy bear

11. I want my Teddy

This animatronic stuffed teddy bear showed us the potential of AI... using cassette tapes.
Orange cup

12. "Catchphrase!"

Possibly the most lovable NPC of all time. Remember, don't have a good day. Have a great day.

13. Checkmate

A machine beat a Grandmaster at chess. Chaos ensued.

14. That's so surreal

This artistic AI takes its name from one of the most renowned artists of all time.
Cake with a candle

15. The cake is a lie

Don't get stuck in this video game, where the rewards aren't what they seem—if they are, at all.
Black car

16. Night ride

The OG self-driving, talking car.

17. Precrime

Classic sci-fi book/film introducing the idea of “Precrime” where AI predicts who will commit future crimes.
Paper clip

18. ∞ Paperclips

Thought experiment to show the potential of AI, if taken to the extreme.

19. Scissors, but hands

A Gothic fairytale about a humanoid robot with a cookie heart.

20. Mortal keychain pet

A digital pet that can die (gasp) and come back to life.
White dress

21. Vicki

This ‘80s sitcom featured an engineer who created an adopted robotic daughter.
Monkey and typewriter

22. Monkeyin’ around

According to this theory, infinite monkeys typing at random will eventually write Shakespeare. AI might give them a run for their money though.
Lambda sign

22. Lol jk

A Google researcher claimed that a certain AI chatbot was sentient. (it was not.)
White plate

24. RIP, Edwin

Every superhero needs an AI butler named after his original butler. Sorry, Alfred.
Pale robot

25. Pale automaton

Just a robot, standing in a spaceship, trying to understand how to be human.
Sticky note

26. Twisted metal

The most famous throwback AI office assistant was a paperclip.
Brown broom

27. Hooba Dooba

This robotic maid from a classic cartoon was already cleaning up a smart home in the ‘60s.

28. What a hoot

Fetched Pegasus for the weakened Perseus in this 1981 fantasy adventure film.
VR glass

29. ... Mom?

The AI in cybernaut Johnny’s brain is a virtual version of his mother.
Rocket flame

30. Let’s 🚀

A manga character who debuted on TV in 1963.
Handheld game console

31. “Battery low”

This “living” video game console is also an alarm clock. And a music player. And a camera. And skateboarder. You get the idea.
Robot arm

32. Goodness!

You probably recognize this anxious android from the biggest space opera ever.
Cyberpunk glasses

33. Gibson 2.0

Two AIs star in this classic cyberpunk story, marking the second appearance of this acclaimed author on this list.
Face of an old man

34. Human quants

Can humans replace AI? A 1965 epic sci-fi novel asks this brain-twister.
Cop helmet

35. Liquid metal cop

The antagonist in this 1991 sequel of a cyborg assassin flick.
Black eyeglass

36. He’ll be back

Robot comes from the future to make sure a future rebel leader is never born.
Gladiator helmet

37. Bronze giant

Giant bronze, artificially intelligent guardian of Crete, built by Hephaestus.
Hand holding a pull string

38. Nosy lie detector

An old-world cobbler and apparent AI expert builds a wooden boy that comes alive—and whose nose grows if he lies.
A monitor showing a red screen

39. She

Could you fall in love with an OS? He did.
Ball vending machine

40. Check me out!

A small, red and white robot created to help stave off boredom and madness.
Grey robot

41. R.U.R.

Fun fact: The word "robot" was introduced to the English language and science fiction in this 1920 Czech play.
Shakey the robot

42. Not so Shakey

The first general-purpose mobile robot that could reason about its own actions and even analyze commands and break them down into smaller steps.

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