Dialpad Launches Groundbreaking ‘Ai CSAT’ as Part of its Customer Intelligence Offering

Industry first, real-time predictive engine for customer satisfaction provides visibility into 100% of calls, turning the contact center into a profit center

SAN FRANCISCO — June 7, 2022 — Dialpad, Inc., the industry leader in Ai-powered communication and collaboration, today launched Ai CSAT, a real-time, predictive engine for customer satisfaction, as part of its Customer Intelligence offering. With this first of its kind Dialpad innovation, customer satisfaction scores for 100% of customer calls can be inferred and shared with key decision-makers in the organization to improve customer experience (CX). Benefits include improved coaching efficiency, decreased agent ramp time, decreased customer churn, and coaching costs reduced by as much as half. Dialpad’s industry-leading Ai applied to traditional customer satisfaction (CSAT) scoring provides organizations with actionable insights that can help transform the contact center to a profit center.

“Dialpad Ai CSAT makes our agents more aware of how they present themselves and raises the performance bar within our contact center, because even if the customer does not fill out the survey, the interaction still generates customer feedback,” said Rena Bishop, Information Technology Supervisor at Human-I-T. “We speak to hundreds of customers each month but receive very few responses to our customer feedback survey. Now, with Ai CSAT from Dialpad, we can easily check the predictive rate in real-time and combine with the survey responses for a more complete picture. Our customer service department loves it because it gives us feedback without inconveniencing the customer.”

Ai CSAT analyzes every customer call as a core component of the Dialpad TrueCaaS™ platform. Dialpad early-access customers have seen as much as a 15% improvement in CSAT scores within the first three weeks of use. Accurate data collection and live analysis transform agent performance and empower proactive, real-time customer service improvements, upleveling contact centers with an intelligent customer-centric approach.

“For the first time ever, companies of any size can obtain CSAT scores from every voice conversation rather than depending on a handful of customers to complete traditional, post-call surveys,” said Craig Walker, founder and CEO of Dialpad. “With our pioneering Customer Intelligence solutions, including the recent launches of AI-powered Customer Engagement, Conversational Ai, and now Ai CSAT, Dialpad Ai Contact Center is easily five years ahead of anything in the market today.”

Companies are starved for reliable customer intelligence, but typically make costly CX decisions based on input from only a small fraction of customers. This results in companies tailoring the customer experience on an inaccurate and incomplete picture of their customer base. Over three billion minutes have already been processed through Dialpad Ai, generating real-time insights and, due to the company’s native and proprietary integration, these minutes are making Dialpad’s Ai platform self-learning engine smarter by the hour. Ai CSAT can exponentially improve service levels, giving a complete picture of the average CSAT by minimizing polarized opinions.

“This is a perfect example of using Ai to directly affect business metrics in a positive way," said Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst at Metrigy. "Nearly 80% of companies are guiding or planning to guide agent performance using real-time customer feedback. But if that feedback is only looking at a small slice of customer conversations, how accurate is it and will it really improve CSAT to its maximum potential? The predictive capabilities of Dialpad Customer Intelligence are a game-changer for continuous improvement in agent performance, and in turn, customer satisfaction."

Dialpad Customer Intelligence with Ai CSAT is immediately available to all Dialpad Ai Contact Center customers.

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