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AI: Driving the Future of Customer Service

Learn how you can measure CSAT scores for 100% of your customer calls with the industry’s first, real-time AI-powered predictive engine.


As part of our Customer Intelligence solutions, Dialpad, the pioneering force behind the world’s smartest artificial intelligence (AI) for contact centers, has developed the first and only predictive CSAT model on conversational data with the launch of our innovative Ai-CSAT technology.

Now, for the first time ever, you’ll get CSAT scores directly from every voice conversation rather than depending on a handful of customers to complete post-call surveys. Watch as 100% of your customer calls are instantly CSAT-rated, providing significantly improved experiences for your valued customers and support teams. And with Dialpad’s Ai-CSAT, you’ll have something your business has never had before: a complete, richer picture of your customer base with real-time collection and analysis of their experiences, expectations, sentiment and satisfaction.

This changes everything for your customers, agents and business!

In this webinar, we cover:

  • First-time look at the industry’s first and only real-time, Ai-powered predictive engine for CSAT based on conversational data
  • How to capture every detail, including providing coaching, analyzing sentiment, and action items in real-time
  • How to drive better customer interactions, outcomes and experiences for your customers, support teams, and C-suite
  • How to turn your contact center into a profit center


Robin Metrigy

Robin Gareiss

CEO and Principal Analyst

Dan O Connell

Dan O’Connell

Chief Strategy Officer

John Finch Headshot 1x1

John Finch

SVP of Solutions and Product Marketing

Meet Ai CSAT:

Inferred satisfaction from conversations without extra work