At Dialpad, keeping your data secure is just as important to us as providing you with the best cloud communications platform. That’s why we ensure your data—from personally identifiable information to actual calls—is encrypted and secure everywhere you get work done.

Google Cloud Platform: The Standard for Encryption

Dialpad uses encryption to keep your data safe and secure whether it's at rest or in transit. Using the Google Cloud Platform, your data is protected with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard inside redundant storage at multiple physical locations for both security and availability of data. Users' personal and financial information, as well as phone call data transmitted, is authenticated. 

Call Encryption

When calls are made with Dialpad using WebRTC technology, the signaling for call setup is executed using Websockets via TLS to provide privacy and data integrity. When the call starts and one party begins speaking, voice packets are encoded in SRTP (Secure Real Time Protocol). This ensures encryption, message authentication, integrity, and replay protection so that any sniffed packets cannot be deciphered.

That means that your VoIP calls are actually safer and more secure than calls over the traditional phone network.

Data Encryption

The Importance of Strong Encryption

Data is valuable and a breach can have tremendous consequences for both your brand and organization. That’s why we make sure that whether you’re making a call, sending a message, provisioning a new user, or making a payment, your data is layered with encryption to keep it safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of encryption is used for customer data?

Calls over the VoIP network, as well as in transit web requests are encrypted using TLS and application data that is permanently stored at rest uses AES 256-bit within Google Cloud Platform.

Does data encryption cost anything?

Absolutely not. All Dialpad’s security features are built into the core product and provided free of charge.

Does encryption ever interfere with quality of service?

Not at all. Voice conversations are as clear as day, despite of robust layers of encryption.

Where can I learn more about encryption?

You can learn more about encryption and data security at Dialpad here.