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Conference call dial out

Dialpad makes conference calling so easy that you’ll never miss a call, thanks to pre-scheduled dial outs. Sign up (it takes just a few minutes!) for a free 14-day trial to try it out.

You know that meeting where you spend the first 20 minutes sitting around, waiting for everyone to dial in? Someone in New York is running late. Someone in Singapore has lost the meeting phone number. Someone in Sydney doesn’t know if it’ll be covered by their calling plan, as it isn’t a local number.

Sound familiar?

Not to mention it’s after lunch, and everyone in the conference room is falling asleep to the sounds of a dial tone.

Yeah, we’ve all been in that meeting. That meeting is the worst.

If you’d rather spend those 20 minutes actually having a meeting and then getting back to your day, you’ll want to learn about conference call dial-outs—and leave dial-in conference calls behind. You just might find the answer to better meetings.

👉 Dialpad tip:

“Dial-in” calls are just conference calls where every meeting attendee has a unique code they use to dial into the same specified meeting.

What is a "conference call dial-out?"

Instead of having employees from different offices and time zones make phone calls or dial into a meeting, some unified communications solution with conference call functions—like Dialpad!—calls all the participants simultaneously.

That’s it.

And the beauty of a conference call dial-out is that it’s simple to use and easy to set up.

No one has to call in; there aren’t any tricky area codes to remember (and you can forget about looking up country codes on Wikipedia). It’s even easier than figuring out your family group call on Skype.

Actually, bad example—that can be a nightmare anyway.

Dialing out vs. dialing in

You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal?” Dialing into a conference call isn’t that bad, and changing things might be more of a hassle. Right?

But dialing into a call can sometimes be a pain, especially if you have prospects or clients on the line. People lose track of time or forget to call in when they’re swamped with work. They can misplace the meeting telephone number or their unique code.

Not to mention you have to wait on the host before you’re let in, so if they’re late (happens far more than it should!), you’re all stuck waiting.

A dialing out phone service cleans up a lot of these messes.

Unlike dial-in, a dial-out service like Dialpad puts all the control in the moderator’s hands. As soon as the host of the meeting is ready, they call out to everyone simultaneously, and can lock and unlock the meeting—which provides more security than a dial-in call:

Scheduline a conference dial out in dialpad

Dial-out conference room solutions give you a seamless alternative to traditional dial-in conference calls. Kind of like how mobile phones have replaced the traditional telephone network and landlines (you know, those wired things that used to sit on conference room tables).

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No more delayed meetings

A dial-out conference calling setup is a great way to make sure your meetings start on time since you have one person controlling the conferencing and everyone getting the reminder automatically.

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Better meeting attendance

Stragglers always joining meetings late? When someone misses a call, they’ll get an email and text notification to remind them there’s a meeting and they need to join now. They don’t even need a PIN to dial in.

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Loop in anyone, anytime

A good conference call service provider with a dial-out feature is especially important for teams separated by long distances because it minimizes confusion around meeting start times and time zones.

Want to try a conference dial-out feature for free?

Sign up for a 14-day trial to get set up with a business number and try it out now—it takes just a few minutes! Or, take a self-guided tour of Dialpad to play around with it on your own first!

Auto dial-out conferencing: How does it work?

To set up your auto dial-out conference, you have two main options:

  • Invite someone via an automatic dial-out in the middle of an active call

  • Plan a scheduled call with auto dial-out

Active conference calls

Say you’re in the middle of a weekly, recurring conference call with your team (yes, you can even set up recurring calls with dial-outs) when you remember that so-and-so in Accounting has some useful information about an upcoming project.

You don’t need to dig around, looking for their phone number, or send them a message saying “Urgent: call me!” Just click on their name, select the number you want to use, and they’ll receive an instant invite to join your meeting:

Dialing out during a conference call in dialpad
👉 Dialpad tip:

Do you work on both your computer and cell phone? Dialpad lets you access conference call dial-out services on through both the desktop and mobile app.