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Drive sales, support customers, and grow using Dialpad’s AI workspace. Chosen by 900+ startup companies worldwide.

Our support

Qualified companies get 10 Free Seats of Dialpad AI Voice and Meetings, for life. From there, we offer discounts year after year on additional products. The Dialpad for Good ecosystem currently offers three programs for startups: Dialpad for Startups, Tech for Black Founders (in support of the #TechforBlackFounders initiative), and Diversity in Tech.

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Network of
program partners

We partner with leading accelerators/ incubators, change makers, and investors. Please select your accelerator/incubator/VC when applying, or ask them to reach out to us here.

Program Requirements

Companies that do not currently meet these requirements should wait to apply, or our Free Trial and various pricing options may be a better fit.


Must be a startup company (new technology, or uses tech in a unique way to sell a product).


Company has secured accredited Angel/VC investment (not required in the Tech for Black Founders and Diversity in Tech Program).


Business is scalable, and will leverage the program through scale (i.e. expected users stated in application is past the 10 free lifetime seats).


Public link to accelerator/incubator affiliation and accredited investment (Crunchbase or similar).


Free tier only available to companies with up to 25 employees, larger startups can apply for other discounts.


New companies only. Not available to current or recent customers. Not available through Dialpad Channel Partners.


The company must be located in US, Canada, U.K, Australia, or New Zealand when applying to Dialpad for Startups. The Tech for Black Founders and Diversity in Tech Program is currently only offered in US/Canada.


Must be affiliated with an incubator or accelerator on the application Partner List.

Full program details

Check out the full overview of our Dialpad for Good Programs here. Learn more about our program overview, requirements, pricing model, and commonly asked questions.

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"You try to save every cent as a startup, and Dialpad’s Startup Program was a big help to us financially. We now save $15k a year on communications costs."

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“As an early-stage company, we’re looking to work with companies that are keyed into the needs and challenges of startups. Dialpad really checked all our boxes.”

Brian Fitzpatrick
CEO and Co-founder
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“Dialpad was a great option for our early stage start-up. And the setup was quick, easy, and intuitive.”

Shaina Denny
Co-founder and CEO

Our network of
program partners

We partner with leading accelerators/ incubators, change makers, and investors. Offer your community of entrepreneurs access to the Dialpad for Good Programs, gift free seats and exclusive discounts on Dialpad