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How Vigilance Health serves patients better with Dialpad Ai

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Over the past decade, Vigilance Health has helped thousands of providers and healthcare organizations transition from volume to value-based care. As an innovative healthcare organization that’s changing the way healthcare is delivered, Vigilance Health partners with providers, health systems, and payers to implement remote care management and monitoring solutions that focus on driving patient engagement, activation, and empowerment.

Specifically, Vigilance Health is transforming the quality of life for people with chronic conditions—a responsibility that the team takes seriously.

There was just one problem. Their existing communications platform was no longer serving them, and the team needed a solution that could help them improve their patient care experience.

We spoke to Leslie Munoz, Director of Operations and Change Management, about their experience with switching communications platforms, and the benefits they’ve reaped from the change.

“We needed a comprehensive, user-friendly, and feature-rich platform”

Although Vigilance Health always provided services over the telephone since before the pandemic, they wanted a communications platform that could help the team improve their operational efficiency. With the help of their managed IT services provider, Medicus IT, Leslie and team identified Dialpad as the best solution for their needs.

The deciding factors? “We needed a more comprehensive, user-friendly, and feature-rich platform,” Leslie says. “We knew Dialpad was the number one platform in the US and many healthcare companies have already moved to Dialpad.”

Dialpad’s Ai features didn’t hurt either. “The Ai features really set Dialpad apart from our previous system. We pushed hard to get on Dialpad’s platform quickly because we wanted to use the different functions, like text messaging and Custom Moments,” says Leslie.

Improving the patient experience with Dialpad Ai

5 hours saved, every week, with AI-powered transcriptions

For the Vigilance Health team, Dialpad’s built-in real-time transcription is a powerful feature that’s resulted in several benefits—the biggest one is probably time saved. “We’ve saved at least five hours a week thanks to Dialpad’s Ai features,” says Leslie.

“When managers like myself want to know what happened during a call, we no longer have to manually spend time listening to the entire call. I can see the live transcription to find out what’s going on,” says Leslie:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time

Identifying patient trends with Custom Moments

For any healthcare organization, providing a good patient experience is a top priority. And that’s a lot easier for Vigilance Health’s team to do now with Dialpad Ai Sales Center’s Custom Moments and live sentiment analysis features. “The Custom Moments feature is key for us,” says Leslie. “It’s important to be able to choose the words to highlight, so we know if the patient isn’t pleased on the phone.”

How it works: You can set up specific keywords or phrases as “Custom Moments” in Dialpad, which will then tell Dialpad Ai to track how frequently those keywords come up in calls with patients:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ais analytics tracking how often different keywords or topics come up in customer conversations

Having a deeper understanding of patient sentiments is a game-changer for the Vigilance Health team. With that information, they can identify trends better and train the team for future client interactions and patient care—more on this below!

Empowering a more confident team with live coaching

With live transcriptions, not only can the Vigilance Health team spot trends in the patient experience, but managers can also easily make sure the team is handling calls according to protocol and maintaining a high quality standard for calls.

Because Vigilance Health’s managers can easily find and analyze any phone call made in the past or present, they can also easily provide agents with feedback for training.

“The live coaching mechanism on Dialpad has been huge for us to train our agents. Our supervisors can listen on a call and provide agents with support when necessary,” says Leslie.

The result? More confident agents who can perform better. “The real-time coaching feature wasn’t available with our previous provider. For example, if we find out there’s a specific clinical term agents need to be trained in, nurses train agents better so they feel more confident and empowered,” says Leslie.

Improving efficiency with click-to-call

As heavy Google users, the team uses the click-to-call feature in Dialpad’s extension for Chrome to quickly and conveniently place calls. Because “click-to-call” works within their Corporate Performance Management (CPM) patient record system, ThoroughCare, the team can work more efficiently when communicating with patients.

What’s next: Dialpad business intelligence and developer APIs

Now that Vigilance Health has started to use Dialpad Ai to streamline their workflow, improve operational efficiencies, and empower their team to become more confident, they’re looking to reduce their cost of operations and increase patient satisfaction even more with Dialpad’s Business Intelligence features.

To further streamline their workflows and improve efficiencies, the team is exploring custom workflows and customizing their Dialpad Ai Voice and Ai Sales Center experiences with APIs.

We can’t wait to see Vigilance Health take full advantage of the available Dialpad features to serve their patients even better!

Provide a better patient experience

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