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How PeopleShare revolutionizes communications with Dialpad Ai

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Situated in the dynamic landscape of the U.S. Northeast, PeopleShare stands tall as a beacon of excellence in the staffing and recruitment domain. Since its establishment in 2005, it has linked countless professionals with their dream jobs, forming lasting connections. But as the years rolled on and the company expanded to 40+ offices nationwide, it became evident that their communication platform—once a cornerstone of their operations—was becoming more of a bottleneck.

The essence of PeopleShare’s business rested on seamless conversations, yet they found themselves grappling with a system that wasn’t evolving at the pace they were.

This realization spurred the need for change, and so the search for a solution that aligned with their aspirations began.

“We needed a system that could grow with us.”

As the Business Operations Manager, Nikki Olsen was at the very heart of this transition. The rapid growth that PeopleShare had experienced began to strain its existing communication infrastructure. For a company whose brand was built on recruitment and relationship-building, even a small handful of missed connections and delayed responses couldn’t be tolerated.

The ideal platform would not only rectify existing problems but would also be able to adapt to the company's future needs. "We needed a system that could grow with us, not just a phone system," Nikki shared. "It was Dialpad's scalability and rich feature set that stood out. I love how technologically advanced Dialpad is."

The process of migrating to Dialpad Ai Voice was pivotal. PeopleShare needed a seamless transition, minimizing disruptions while maximizing benefits. "Dialpad was fantastic throughout the full process," Nikki reflected. The Dialpad team provided guidance every step of the way, ensuring that the integration was as painless as possible.

In no time, PeopleShare was equipped with a communication platform that was more than just a tool—it was an ally. One that would grow, adapt, and scale according to their needs, propelling them further on their journey of excellence.

Flexible user management that works for them

With PeopleShare's continuous growth, there is always a wave of new team members joining the ranks. Their previous communication system made onboarding a time-consuming and cumbersome process. “It used to take us about an hour to onboard each new user,” Nikki recalled. With 40 different phone lines, effective user management was critical to the company’s productivity and efficiency. They needed a platform that enabled them to add users swiftly and easily without wasting time and effort.

Enter Dialpad. One of Nikki's standout features was its user-friendly interface that made onboarding new users a breeze. “It only takes 10 minutes to set up each new user now,” says Nikki.

At PeopleShare, roles are often dynamic, especially for fully remote staff who often shift between divisions. This requires a system that can adapt swiftly. “Earlier, making a small change, like updating a user or modifying a departmental group, was incredibly tedious,” Nikki shared.

With Dialpad, these administrative hassles are a thing of the past. The system empowers individual departments to make the necessary changes without wading through layers of bureaucracy. Nikki remarks, “Dialpad provides us with autonomy. Direct managers can make real-time adjustments without unnecessary red tape, a huge value-add for us. Compared to the old, manual process, swapping users with the new automated process takes just two minutes.”

This adaptability goes a long way in boosting team morale and enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring that PeopleShare's operations remain agile and responsive to ever-evolving business needs.

Effective coaching and training with live transcriptions

Understanding customer needs better and serving them better

In a world where communication stands central to the company’s success, ensuring that every interaction is on point is paramount for PeopleShare, and the need for effective coaching and training has always been at the forefront of everything they do. Nikki illuminates how live transcriptions are vital for training and coaching their staff:

Live transcriptions allow our teams to capture every word, every sentiment during conversations. This isn't just about recording—it's about understanding nuances during calls and adapting to different customer needs in the future,” Nikki says. With Dialpad's live transcription feature, the team can now review interactions in real-time, highlighting areas of improvement and identifying best practices.

Screenshot of Dialpads live call interface with real time transcription running

Different departments at PeopleShare leverage this feature uniquely. For instance, instead of having to spend time listening to every call as they did previously, the Learning and Development team simply goes through live transcriptions after calls to give tips to their recruiters.

Nikki mentions, “When recruiters are speaking to candidates on the phone, they may not be able to pay attention to every detail occurring in the call. With live transcriptions, we can coach our team on how to engage with candidates better and get better results.”

More impactful and valuable training sessions

Additionally, training sessions have become quicker, more interactive, and more comprehensive with live transcriptions. New team members get to listen to exemplary interactions, making the learning curve smoother. “Before, new staff members had to sit next to another team member to shadow them all day and listen to their calls. Now they can quickly review the transcriptions and save at least an hour or two a day this way,” says Nikki.

On the other hand, the customer service department uses live transcriptions to spot patterns during calls and guide the team on handling specific questions during calls. “For example, they can search keywords in the transcriptions and notice if people are asking many payroll questions,” says Nikki. “They can use this information to train the team to respond appropriately.”

Screenshot of Dialpads call review interface where an interesting question is being replayed from the call recording

In addition, PeopleShare’s risk department references live transcriptions when needed in case of unemployment or workers' compensation issues. “With a single, automated feature like Ai Transcriptions, we minimize unnecessary documentation, and many different departments can use the transcriptions to help their team operate better and more efficiently,” says Nikki.

In essence, the live transcription feature of Dialpad has paved the way for PeopleShare to enhance its communication quality, ensuring that each conversation pushes the envelope in terms of clarity, professionalism, and impact.

Integrated ATS thanks to custom APIs

For employment services companies, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. At PeopleShare, their ATS is the lifeblood of their operations. “Our ATS is how we manage, track, and communicate with candidates. Any inefficiency in this system reflects directly on our performance,” says Nikki. The need was clear: to make their ATS more responsive, adaptable, and integrated with their other communication tools.

That's where Dialpad's custom APIs came into the picture. PeopleShare’s team was enthusiastic about the opportunity: “Dialpad's promise of customizable APIs meant we could essentially create bridges between our ATS and the communications platform. It was the exact solution we were looking for,” says Nikki.

With the custom APIs in place and additional features like the Dialpad mini dialer (CTI), the synergy was immediate. Teams at PeopleShare could access candidate information on the fly during calls, ensuring they had all relevant data at their fingertips. This seamless integration meant less time toggling between applications and more time focusing on the candidate.

“The change was palpable. Suddenly, there was less manual data entry, fewer errors, and a smoother workflow,” Nikki elaborates. Thanks to the integration achieved with Dialpad's custom APIs, PeopleShare now enjoys a holistic system where their ATS doesn't just operate in isolation but is part of a cohesive, unified communications platform. It's a testament to what technology can achieve when aligned correctly with business needs.

Better decision-making with insightful analytics

When your organization thrives on communication, understanding the nuances and patterns of those interactions is crucial. For PeopleShare, with its vast candidate network and client base, each call and communication touchpoint carries significant weight.

With Dialpad analytics, PeopleShare can make better business decisions. “Before Dialpad, we had no reliable way of analyzing our calls,” shares Nikki. Now, the team can monitor and measure call durations, wait times, and even call sentiment.

But it isn't just about numbers—the insights drawn from these analytics are the real game changers. “We can identify peak call times, understand which client or candidate interactions require more time, and determine which teams might need additional coaching or resources. The granularity of the data is impressive,” she adds.

Screenshot of Dialpads analytics dashboard

Moreover, having this treasure trove of data has empowered team leads and managers at PeopleShare. They can now make more informed decisions, streamline operations, and confidently implement strategies.

“Analytics isn't just about looking at numbers—it's about interpreting what those numbers mean for our business,” concludes Nikki. Thanks to Dialpad’s comprehensive analytics, PeopleShare is not just reacting to business challenges but anticipating and strategizing for a more efficient and productive future.

Looking ahead: Dialpad’s Ai Contact Center, Ai Meetings, and conversational Ai

At PeopleShare, continuous improvement isn’t just a catchphrase—it’s a way of life. With a successful migration to Dialpad's communication system, they’re not stopping there. Looking to the horizon, Nikki and her team have their eyes on even more tools to optimize their operations further and enrich their client and candidate experiences.

“While we’ve seen transformative changes with Dialpad's existing features, there’s so much more we’re keen to explore,” shares Nikki. Dialpad Ai Contact Center is particularly appealing. "The promise of streamlined call routing, real-time customer data access, and even more enhanced analytics— it’s precisely what a growing company like ours needs."

Dialpad Ai Meetings is another feature on their radar. As the modern workforce evolves, the blend of remote and on-site employees at PeopleShare underscores the need for robust virtual meeting solutions. "Having a reliable and integrated platform where our teams can collaborate, whether in-office or working remotely, will be pivotal," Nikki states.

The potential of conversational Ai has also piqued their interest. Automating routine inquiries, providing instant responses, and ensuring candidates and clients always have a touchpoint excites Nikki. “Imagine having the capability of an assistant that’s available 24/7, offering real-time solutions. It’s not just about efficiency—it's about elevating the level of service we provide.”

As PeopleShare looks to the future, its partnership with Dialpad is more than just a vendor-client relationship. It's a collaboration built on mutual growth, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

PeopleShare’s journey from a fragmented communication platform to a unified, data-driven system with Dialpad paints a compelling picture of transformation. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, insightful analytics, and a commitment to excellence, they’ve elevated their operations and set a benchmark for the employment services industry. As they continue to grow and evolve, one thing is clear: With Dialpad by their side, the sky's the limit.

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