Business Phone System Comparisons

Dialpad vs. Vonage

There are a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to business phone systems. With different pricing, features, set-up, and interface, each VoIP provider is unique. This makes the process of finding a new business communications platform time consuming. To make thing simple for you, we've create a quick guide to help you compare different providers. Here's an overview of how Dialpad compares to Vonage.

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Vonage and Dialpad are both cloud-based phone providers that serve businesses of all sizes. Both offer mobility functionalities and integrations with other business apps. However, there are several aspects that set the two apart. Check out the differences between Dialpad and Vonage below.

Straight-Forward Packages

Easy to understand, all inclusive packages

Multiple add-ons for full functionality

Self-Service Deployment

Modern, intuitive set up with multiple self-service options

Limited self-service options for deployment

Single Sign On

Multiple single sign on partners like Okta, One Login, G Suite, and O365

Limited single sign on partners

User Provisioning

Multiple SCIM provisioning partners

Limited SCIM provisioning partners


Robust, intuitive analytics including playback of calls, sentiment of calls, etc

Limited analytics


Free web conferencing and audio conferencing available across all packages

Web conferencing only available for more robust packages

Real-Time Coaching via Mobile Apps

Real-time coaching available via intuitive mobile apps

Limited real-time coaching via mobile apps

Real-time Voice Intelligence

Real-time, native voice intelligence features

Limited features

Real-time Voice Coaching

Native voice coaching features

Limited voice coaching features


Use of mobile apps, desktop and deskphones included in single packages

Separate packages and cost for mobile app, desktop and deskphone access

Device Switching

Seamlessly switch calls between devices

Less intuitive workflow to switch calls between devices

Unlimited Call Recording

Unlimited call recording across all packages

Limited call recording

Integrated Call Center Functionality

Robust call center functionality available via Dialpad Support

Limited call center functionality


Pricing is a big factor to consider when evaluating different phone systems. Many companies know the pain of sifting through pages of phone bills and attempting to decipher all the charges. Dialpad solves this challenge with simple and predictable pricing. Instead of charging per minute fees, Dialpad offers unlimited inbound calling at a fixed price for each plan. Dialpad also doesn’t have hidden set-up fees so there are no surprises on your bill. This ensures that companies can easily find and understand their telephony costs.


The ability for a company to develop innovative features depends on the telephony architecture. Dialpad's backend allows for new in-app features to be built as needed to consistently provide cutting edge technology. This allows functionalities such as real-time Voice Intelligence to be native in Dialpad. Although Voice Intelligence features are available with Vonage as well, they are typically add-ons through strategic partnerships. These partnerships often come at an additional price and might mean a separate contract altogether. Dialpad’s native real-time features mean a consistent user experience. Employees don’t have to use multiple tools or navigate a different interface to enjoy innovative features. Dialpad offers companies the latest and greatest technology within the app. This not only means more intuitive workflows, but also lower costs for companies as well.


How fast a company can help get your business phone system up and running is very important when evaluating potential providers. Either replacing an existing business phone system or implementing a new solution can potentially interrupt business communications. And the longer it takes to have a working business phone the more a company risks losing money. Dialpad makes deployment quick and simple. In fact, the business phone solution can be implemented and set up in a matter of days for most companies. In addition, Dialpad’s deployments include several self-service options. This allows customers to speed up the set-up process without waiting for support. A quick and effective deployment saves the IT Team time and ensures a shorter downtime for employees that rely on business phones.


It shouldn’t require years of IT experience for your employees to understand how to use your business phone system. Basic functionalities should be simple and easy to find. Dialpad was built to be intuitive for any end-user, whether they’re in marketing, sales or the IT team. Integrations with popular apps such as Salesforce ensure automatic and accurate activity tracking. In addition, Dialpad's platform syncs across all your signed-in devices. This ensures that your conversations are never siloed in difference places. Regardless of what device you access, you will have access to the same call log and message history. Finally, users receive a free Dialpad UberConference license with any Dialpad Talk account. This allows employees to start a conference call whenever they need to --- no PIN or download required. These aspects of Dialpad helps to drive efficiency and collaboration in your teams.

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