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Right up there with cubicles, metal filing cabinets, fluorescent lights, and Phyllis from The Office is that cringeworthy black or gray desk phone — a constant reminder of unending voicemails and missed calls tethering you to your desk.

If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you’ve left that world behind and are working with a coud phone system that gives you the freedom to take calls from anywhere, anytime. However, you may probably know some unfortunate souls who are still mired in the workplaces of the early '00s. If so, we would love to meet them! And you can make money!

When you refer a friend via our new Dialpad Customer Referral Program, you’ll get paid out in cash when they become a customer. It’s simple: make an intro and we’ll do the rest.

Need a refresher on who might be a good candidate? Think about:

  • Your local business store owners who have recently expanded and need a reliable, yet flexible business phone system.
  • Your friends that run a team of outbound call center reps who are having trouble hitting their quota.
  • Your family members in recruiting who are using their personal phone to text and call candidates, because their business phone limits their ability to do actual work.
  • Your old work colleague that recently switched companies and is looking to build credibility with an amazing, innovative phone system.

Does anyone come to mind? Start earning cash today by making an introduction!

Dialpad Customer Referral Program