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Enterprise chatbots: How large orgs can use conversational AI to benefit staff and customers

Shabnam Kakar

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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Enterprise chatbots and chatbots in general have been around longer than you may think. The first chatbot, Eliza, was born in 1965. Numerous chatbots have since replaced her, including Siri, Alexa, and even ChatGPT. Now, more than ever, large organizations are using conversational AI and chatbot for enterprises to help in customer support, IT, and other applications

How can enterprise chatbots and conversational AI benefit your staff and customers? Read on to learn what an enterprise chatbot is, what solutions they can offer you, and why you should consider leveraging the power for conversational AI for your organization.

What are enterprise chatbot solutions?

What is an enterprise chatbot and what solutions does a chatbot for enterprise offer?

First, an enterprise chatbot is an advanced conversational tool, powered by AI, that can automate different business processes and help employees perform tasks more efficiently. The best enterprise chatbots can seamlessly integrate with your existing tools and learn to improve.

Chatbots for enterprise can be used for customer service, employee training, IT and sales support. An enterprise chatbot solution can operate 24/7, instantly respond to multiple inquiries at once, automate repetitive tasks, and be trained and operated using enterprise chatbot platforms.

Enterprise chatbot platforms use the power of conversational AI platforms to help businesses develop a customized enterprise AI chatbot solution for their needs, be it customer facing or internal. What chatbot platform for enterprise you choose could play a big role in how much you can benefit from enterprise chatbot solutions.

For starters: The artificial intelligence technology itself has to be good. This includes the speech recognition and machine learning engine, and also how “smart” the chatbot is. For example, does it just provide preset answers to preset questions? Or can it crawl your company’s help pages and other documentation to find answers to a wide variety of customer questions?

Here’s what Dialpad’s conversational intelligence functionality can do, for example:

  • Search databases and FAQ pages for answers to customer questions.

  • Search unstructured sources of data, like PDF documents and past customer conversations—almost no other options on the market can do this!

  • Create intricate dialogues on your website, and even integrate rich media and video content.

  • Let you build automations and workflows in minutes—no coding needed.

  • And a lot more!

Conversational AI answering a patient question on a live chat

Enterprise chatbot features: What sets them apart from normal chatbots?

Ability to handle a higher volume of simultaneous requests

Unlike a normal chatbot, enterprise chatbots can handle a higher volume of simultaneous requests. An enterprise chatbot is not only able to respond instantly to questions in its knowledge base—it can also learn from user input.

Application across many use cases

Enterprise chatbots also have applications across many use cases. Unlike a regular chatbot, you can use enterprise chatbots to answer frequently asked questions, provide detailed, context-aware responses to customer questions, automate data retrieval and entry, and direct customers to the right department for their needs.

Seamless escalation to live agents when required

While the typical enterprise chatbot performs well on its own with self service capabilities, sometimes the human touch is required to solve a particularly complex problem. Fear not—your enterprise chatbot can seamlessly escalate the customer’s query to a live agent when the situation requires it.

Integration with other enterprise tools

Chatbots for enterprise offer integration with other enterprise tools to make it easy for organizations to efficiently use their tools simultaneously. You can integrate your enterprise chatbot with customer relationship management tools, enterprise resource planning software, and even internal Wikis to optimize both customer and employee support.

Continuous monitoring and use of machine learning to improve

The most impressive aspect of chatbots for enterprises, however, is their ability to use machine learning to improve their own capabilities as well as continuously monitor metrics that the organization has defined. Enterprise chatbots can continuously monitor user input if integrated with other enterprise tools and you can even use tools to monitor your chatbot’s performance.

Conversational AI: The technology behind enterprise chatbots

So how does your enterprise chatbot monitor conversations and use machine learning to improve its own capabilities? By using conversational AI, of course. Conversational AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can simulate human conversation using natural language processing.

This means that your chatbot support capabilities skyrocket with enterprise chatbot over traditional chatbots. Not only does conversational AI mean less “robotic” conversations that mimic real human conversation, your enterprise chatbot learns as you use it, meaning that it can only get smarter with time, both in terms of its tone and mannerisms but also in its mastery of your organization’s knowledge.

While the traditional chatbot is still useful for basic tasks, it can only answer questions asked in specific ways. Unlike an enterprise chatbot, which can respond to inquiries asked in slang and colloquialisms, traditional chatbots don’t respond as intuitively to human interactions, which can be frustrating for customers who need help.

Enterprise chatbot use cases

Because conversational AI is powerful and constantly learning, there are actually many enterprise chatbot use cases. From customer service to enterprise IT support, and even for sales and internal process automation, chatbot enterprise use cases are plenty and easy to set up with the right enterprise chatbot platforms.

Customer service

A chatbot in enterprise settings performs well in customer service because of conversational AI. When customers have questions, the enterprise chatbot can search both a company’s internal and external knowledge bases for the right answer when linked to an existing enterprise communication solution.

Not only that, with conversational AI for enterprise, chatbots can escalate or route a customer to the right live agent, cutting down on customer frustration with multiple transferred calls.

Finally, with a chatbot for enterprise, organizations can even automate some customer service interactions, such as updating account details directly, saving time and manpower.

Enterprise IT support

Enterprise chatbots can be used for enterprise IT support as well as customer support. For example, employees can query the enterprise chatbot for IT support solutions, which the chatbot can respond to after searching the organization’s informational resources.

The chatbot for enterprise can also route company employees to the right IT support agent or department. The chatbot can be taught which IT employees are responsible for what areas and can direct employees in other departments to the correct IT employee to solve their problem, saving time and confusion.

Your enterprise chatbot solution might also include a chatbot that can provide simple IT support by itself, with the ability to reset passwords, troubleshoot, or provide solutions to simple user issues. All of these enterprise IT support capabilities save valuable human time and labor when performed by a chatbot instead.

Internal process automation

Not only can enterprise chatbots be used for enterprise IT support, but conversational AI chatbots can also help with business process automation. For example, rather than having a human do inventory management, you can use an enterprise AI chatbot solution to train your chatbot in internal process automation to do inventory management instead. In fact, chatbots can also perform data entry and employee onboarding processes.


Need help with your enterprise sales cycle? Let your enterprise chatbot help you with that. With the power of conversational AI, your enterprise chatbot can help you automate or streamline elements of the sales process. Your chatbot can boost your enterprise sales by nurturing leads, giving customers a more customized conversation-driven experience, and shortening the sales cycle by automating follow-ups.

The benefits of chatbots for enterprises

Chatbots for enterprise come with a variety of benefits. They can improve operational efficiency and productivity, speed up customer service resolutions, boost customer service, and reduce operating costs. With the power of enterprise chatbots, you can achieve enterprise transformation.

Improve operational efficiency and productivity

Enterprise chatbots can improve operational efficiency and productivity by delegating tasks from humans to conversational AI driven chatbots. Instead of expending man hours manually entering in data for inventory management or HR personnel purposes, train your chatbot in internal process automation and it can keep your records up to date at every moment, freeing up your human labor for more important tasks.

Speed up customer service resolutions

With the power of enterprise chatbots, you can speed up customer service resolutions. Instead of the customer needing to wait for a live agent, the chatbot can link the customer to the right information, solve basic customer support issues, and escalate to a live agent when needed. This means that the customer’s issues may be solved before it ever becomes a problem in the first place.

Boost customer satisfaction

Salesforce found that 89 percent of business buyers and 92 percent of consumers are more likely to make another purchase if they’ve had a positive customer service experience. With enterprise chatbots, you can resolve customers’ problems faster, which makes for happier customers, and tailor your customers’ experience on your site with recommendations and chat functions, thus boosting their satisfaction with your organization.

Reduce operating costs

Finally, with enterprise chatbots, you can reduce operating costs through automating processes and cutting human labor needs. Instead of needing to hire more staff members, you can use enterprise chatbot platforms to train your chatbot in internal process automation and basic customer support. This means that you can hire fewer people to perform more tasks and have your existing staff do more important work with their time.

Harness the benefits of enterprise chatbots and conversational AI

Conversational AI allows for enterprise chatbots to serve customers, carry out IT support, aid in internal process automation, and even boost sales cycles. And we already know that enterprise chatbots can handle multiple queries instantly, sync to your existing software, seamlessly escalate issues to live agents, and learn continuously!

Improve operational efficiency with Dialpad’s conversational AI

Improve operational efficiency, speed up customer service resolution, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce operating costs—how’s that for a quadruple win?