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Building truly meaningful connections with AI: How we do it

Alyssa Siddiqui

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Ai, Voice & TrueCaaS

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Have you ever been in a meeting where you felt unprepared and didn’t feel like you were adding any value because you were busy trying to take notes? How about being on a call with a customer and not knowing how to respond?

We’ve all been there before. I have too. During each of those situations, I wish I had prescriptive guidance, a handbook, or a dialogue on what to say or how to respond.

In most everyday situations, we live our lives without a guide or a personal assistant. And even though our responses in these situations may not be life-changing, they can leave us with thoughts like, “What if I responded this way…?”

This is where AI can help guide you towards the right direction in conversations, situations, and many other areas of your life—especially in the work setting. Here are a few ways we’ve designed Dialpad to help with this.

How Dialpad Ai can help teams be more productive and connected

More focus on conversations instead of note-taking

Real-time transcription uses AI to help employees stay attentive during live video meetings or calls by not having to take their own notes. They can then give more attention to the other person and be more present.

Coye Law Firm, for example, uses Dialpad’s live transcription feature to help them focus their energy on the client during conversations and make their clients feel more valued. And instead of needing someone to be directly responsible for taking minutes, they leverage Dialpad Ai to handle the recording, notes, and highlights for them.

Their phone system starts to act like their email platform — providing them with the unique ability to review and share past conversations whenever they might need to in the future.

More effective and productive follow-ups

Forgetting the details of past conversations can lead to redundant meetings where previous topics were already discussed, yet forgotten. When enabled, Dialpad Ai automatically transcribes calls live and emails participants post-call summaries that provide action items, recordings, insights, highlights and more. The result: more engaging conversations and productive follow-up meetings:

Post call summary transcript in dialpad

Faster resolutions for customers

In contact center environments, there are times when agents get stuck on a certain topic with a customer and can’t seem to respond with the right answer quickly.

Dialpad’s Ai-powered Real-Time Assist (RTA) cards automatically pop up helpful notes and talking points on agents’ screens as soon as a tricky topic comes up—eliminating those pesky “I don’t know” or “Let me get back to you” moments.

How it works: A supervisor or manager creates an RTA card with tailored notes on a certain topic that they’ve noticed come up a lot on agents’ calls—say, pricing. They can add notes about their pricing and packages, and set that card to trigger whenever “price” or “cost” is spoken on a call.

This way, managers don’t have to personally coach every call, but thanks to AI, agents can still get the answers they need to handle a variety of challenging customer questions:

RTA its a bad time

Better anticipation of challenging conversations before things go south

AI can also perform live sentiment analysis to highlight conversations that are potentially going sour. Dialpad Ai does exactly this, which lets busy supervisors quickly see if a customer call is going south—even if they’re overseeing multiple agents:

Listen in on Call sentiment analysis blog size v2

Not only that, Dialpad’s unique Ai CSAT feature can even solve one of the biggest challenges with CSAT scores: the fact that not many users complete post-call survey requests.

Usually a very small percentage of customers—the angriest and happiest—bother responding to these surveys, which means CSAT scores are likely to be very skewed and not representative of how customers feel overall.

Dialpad's industry-first Ai CSAT feature infers CSAT scores for every customer call thanks to its hyper-accurate transcription feature. The result: a much more representative sample size for CSAT scores, and a more accurate understanding of how satisfied customers really are:

Predictive CSAT Analytics v2 blog size

Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, the future of communications technology

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The future of communications technology strongly depends on AI and its integration into the tools we use on a daily basis.

With Dialpad, providing better employee experiences and customer experiences is possible because of its industry-leading AI capabilities and constant innovation.This is what makes us an award-winning business communications and contact center solutions platform.

Dialpad’s Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, built with Ai at its core, enables organizations to take advantage of an intelligently powered, modern cloud communications infrastructure to create meaningful connections. With Dialpad, organizations of all sizes have access to a unified platform of calling, messaging, video meeting, and customer engagement solutions with powerful Ai capabilities that simplifies their communications, improves productivity, and delights their customers.

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