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Dialpad Release Roundup: Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) and Waiting Room

Jennifer Bui

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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🎉 It’s that time again! Let’s take a closer look at the latest batch of features released on the Dialpad platform in August:

  • Dialpad + Playvox partnership for workforce engagement management (WEM) capabilities

  • Waiting Room in Dialpad Meetings for more secure meetings

Playvox Workforce Applications

Dialpad has introduced a new partnership with Playvox, extending Dialpad Ai Contact Center with advanced Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) capabilities. Fully integrated with your Contact Center, two different SKUs are available directly from Dialpad which save you money when staffing your contact center, and enhance agent quality to boost your Customer Experience results.

  • Playvox WFM adds AI-powered contact center forecasting and scheduling, seamlessly integrating agent data and activity from Dialpad Ai Contact Center so that Playvox is always up to date with your latest volume and team data. Playvox WFM helps you avoid overstaffing, ensuring that you only have the right agents needed for your busiest times and customer call capacity.

  • Playvox QM includes a whole suite of modules to improve agent quality management, adding Learning modules, Motivation and Gamification, Performance Coaching, and even Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) features to send small surveys and connect customer happiness data with quality assurance initiatives in your integrated contact center.

Contact your Dialpad Customer Success Manager today to learn more about streamlining your Contact Center agent workforce and improving customer loyalty, with Playvox.

Playvox WFM Reporting Schedule Summary 2 1

Waiting Room for Dialpad Meetings

To keep your video meetings secure, we’ve added a new Waiting Room feature to Dialpad Meetings, which will give you full control over who can join your meeting. When you lock your meetings, all new participants will be placed into a virtual waiting room until you permit them to enter. You have the option to admit multiple participants from the participant menu. This feature is available for the browser, desktop and mobile apps. Visit the Help Center to read more about enabling the Waiting Room feature.

Participant panel showing a list of people in the waiting room

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