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Introducing Ai Scorecards... A faster, easier way to QA calls

Jim Payne

Director of Product Marketing, Contact Center

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Contact center supervisors and sales leaders are busy. On any given day, they have to do everything from ensuring quality of service to managing SLAs and making sure agents and salespeople are staying productive and compliant with regulatory requirements and other guidelines.

The problem: high-volume inbound and outbound contact centers have to handle hundreds or even thousands of calls every day, all with varying degrees of length and complexity. It just isn’t possible for a contact center supervisor to listen to every single customer call, manually grade the agent’s behaviors, and coach each agent effectively on how they can improve.

And that’s not all.

It’s well known that contact centers experience some of the highest turnover rates when it comes to retaining employees, which results in a revolving door of new agents coming in who may be unfamiliar with processes and expectations.

Even for tenured agents, there are always new products and services, industry changes, and new guidelines to be aware of. Long story short: all agents could use regular guidance and training.

So, how can busy contact center supervisors give their team members the coaching they need—efficiently and effectively?

Ai Scorecards: What are they?

With Dialpad’s Ai Scorecards, supervisors and sales managers can easily create an objective and efficient grading system as part of their customer service scorecards that uses Dialpad Ai to suggest when certain criteria are met, which can really speed up the quality review cycle and save contact center and sales managers a tremendous amount of time (and effort).

How Ai Scorecards work

To start, supervisors or managers just have to create an Ai Scorecard in Dialpad.

During QA reviews, Dialpad Ai will analyze calls and suggest whether or not the scorecard criteria was met, which takes the cognitive load off supervisors and lets them do QA faster—for a larger number of customer conversations:

Ai Scorecard example blog size

By default, you’ll have five prebuilt Ai templated questions to choose from:

  • Was the caller's account information verified?

  • Did the agent request the order number?

  • Did the agent ask if further assistance was needed?

  • Did the agent ask to put the customer on hold?

  • Did the agent greet the customer?

You can also customize your own questions or criteria for Dialpad Ai to pick up on. Just keep in mind that questions have to be “Yes/No” and you can assign a point value (in terms of how each criterion is weighted).

To give you a head start, Dialpad Ai will even suggest compatible trigger words for questions!

How we’d suggest using Dialpad Ai Scorecards:

  • Use the Ai Scorecards alongside call summaries and transcripts to grade calls more quickly

  • Share Ai Scorecard grades with agents during 1:1s and coaching sessions

  • Compare results across teams, individual agents, and individual scorecards to get an understanding of overall contact center performance

Who should use Ai Scorecards?

Contact center and sales leaders

Contact center and sales leaders can use Ai Scorecards to ensure that supervisors and coaches can grade and analyze calls at scale and improve agent behavior more efficiently. If you need to better understand how to improve rep behavior and sales goal attainment, or improve customer satisfaction, Ai Scorecards can help.


For supervisors and coaches who work directly with agents, Ai Scorecards will streamline the lengthy QA process by automatically suggesting when scorecard criteria was met in an agent conversation.

Dialpad Ai even lets supervisors click on the Ai Scorecard grades to jump directly to the point in the call where the criteria is met:

Dialpad Ai Scorecard showing which part of the call an agent met the criteria blog size

The result: supervisors can grade far more calls than ever before, faster than ever before.

Agents and salespeople

With Ai Scorecards, agents can clearly see the criteria that they’re being graded on and what they need to say or do in customer conversations in order to score at a high level.

This also makes it easier for them to push back when criteria may not make sense, because they can bring up specific calls and snippets of the conversation to show if their scorecard grade doesn’t reflect how satisfied the customer was with their interaction.

How to start using Ai Scorecards

Contact your Customer Success Manager to purchase Ai Scorecards as an optional add-on to your Dialpad Ai Contact Center or Ai Sales Center plan, across all tiers!

See how it works

Book a personal walkthrough of Dialpad's Ai Scorecards with our team, or take a self-guided interactive tour of the app first!