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Ai Agent Assist: On-demand, Ai-powered answers to boost agent productivity

Ross Thelen

Senior Product Manager, AI

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In the contact center, where agents are often juggling high workloads and complex customer inquiries under pressure, knowledge is power. Agents with the most knowledge are inevitably more productive, and at Dialpad we believe higher agent productivity drives customer satisfaction.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Ai Agent Assist, a next-generation virtual assistant for contact center agents that puts knowledge at their fingertips.

By harnessing the power of Dialpad's advanced semantic search capabilities coupled with the latest advances in Generative AI (specifically with large language models), Ai Agent Assist delivers on-demand, natural answers to agent questions so they can offer faster, more effective service. This translates into shorter resolution times, more productive agents, and improved customer satisfaction.

Ai Agent Assist also offers out-of-the-box productivity and is ready to deploy immediately after you connect your knowledge base, with no coding required.

An invaluable addition to any contact center, this is the 9th offering in Dialpad’s 12 Months of Ai product series.

Ai Agent Assist: What is it?

The best way to describe Ai Agent Assist is instant answers to your questions. Training contact center agents is difficult, and many agents are thrown onto the phones without knowing where to find important information on products or processes. Because information is spread across multiple systems and is hard to find, agents rely on managers or coworkers to gather information. This delays and lengthens calls and ultimately damages the customer experience.

Dialpad’s Ai Agent Assist empowers agents with the right answers when they need them most, by using Ai to understand each question, pull the answer from the right place, and deliver it to agents in natural language:

Ai Agent Assist Instant reply back

This means you can put agents on the phones faster without damaging the customer experience, trusting the Ai to help agents answer questions faster and improve customer satisfaction.

Ai Agent Assist also offers the flexibility to build custom responses for cases where you want total control over the agent experience:

Ai Agent Assist Response Builder

Key features of Ai Agent Assist

1. Streamlined knowledge management

Getting started is easy: Simply add your documents to Ai Agent Assist and it’ll be ready to provide accurate answers to agent questions. You can sync Ai Agent Assist with an existing knowledge base on Zendesk, Box, or Document360, use our web crawler with your public website, or simply upload your Word documents directly.

2. Ai-generated answers from your documents

Ai Agent Assist leverages the latest advancements in Generative Ai to provide natural sounding, relevant answers to agent questions based on your connected knowledge. Instead of presenting agents with an overwhelming amount of information, Ai Agent Assist provides only the information they need, when they need it.

3. Scripted responses for total control

Design your own responses using the admin tools to have total control over the agent experience. Use the response editor to create scripted FAQs or step-by-step process flows that provide guidance for specific topics or issues.

4. Answers just a click away

Whether supporting customers on a voice or digital interaction, Ai Agent Assist is always at your agent’s fingertips. Agents can easily get answers from Ai Agent Assist while supporting customers without switching apps or browser tabs.

5. Detailed analytics

Our dashboard provides an overview of Ai Agent Assist usage to show answer success rate, agent feedback, and trends over time so you can optimize and improve the connected knowledge:

Ai Agent Assist Analytics dashboard

Empower teams with Ai-powered answers

Dialpad’s Ai Agent Assist is a next-generation virtual assistant to supercharge your agent productivity. Contact your Dialpad sales rep to add Ai Agent Assist to your Dialpad Ai Contact Center account, and schedule a demo to witness first-hand how Ai Agent Assist can elevate your customer service to new heights.

Stay tuned for the next Ai release

Ai Agent Assist is 9th in the series of Dialpad's 12 Months of Ai product series. Each month, Dialpad releases a new Ai-powered capability to drive innovation and transform the way businesses support, activate, and connect employees from anywhere in the world, all in one platform.

Since announcing the initiative in April, Dialpad continues to drive momentum with record-high ARR growth, a $50M investment in research and development in AI, and the rollout of new AI products including Ai Recap, Ai Scorecards, Ai Playbooks, Ai Coaching Hub, and more profoundly, DialpadGPT, the first generative AI built for the enterprise.

Get early access to Ai Agent Assist

Join the waitlist to be an early adopter for Dialpad Ai Agent Assist, which surfaces answers and talking points from your connected knowledge sources to help agents navigate customer calls.