Enthu.AI Integration


Want to coach your sales teams but don't get enough time to manually listen to their calls? Enthu.AI integrates with Dialpad and pulls in all your sales conversations to auto generate actionable insights using speech AI and conversation intelligence.

These insights can be used by your sales managers/supervisors/coaches to run personalized coaching for your frontline staff, without the need to listen to their every single minute of conversation. Enthu.AI is 100% customizable for your calling themes/scripts and enables call monitoring and auditing at scale, without adding resources to manually listen to customer calls.

Key Features:

  • 100% call monitoring
    • Monitor 100% of your sales conversations for critical call moments like pricing discussions, regulatory compliance, company pitch, discount discussions, and more. Be proactive in your quality approach.

  • Quality at scale
    • Quality for voice teams has always been a manual and labor intensive process. But not when you integrate Dialpad with Enthu.AI. Get a 360 degree view of your customer conversations in less than 30 mins and take corrective actions without wasting time.

  • Personalized coaching
    • Every sales agent in your team has different coaching needs. Enthu.AI auto surfaces opportunities by analyzing Dialpad conversations. Used to help you run pinpointed training and feedback sessions.

  • 10X faster evaluations
    • Listening to calls min by min is so boring. Use Enthu.AI's intelligent insights to understand what happened within calls, without the need to listen to them end to end. A 30 mins call can be evaluated in less than 2 mins.

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How to setup

Integrating Dialpad with Enthu.AI takes less than a minute.

Here's a step by step installation guide: http://help.enthu.ai/support/solutions/articles/82000879071-integrating-dialpad-with-enthu-ai

Step 1: Install Dialpad integration within Enthu.AI (General> Integration)

Step 2: Complete the validation using your Dialpad credentials.

Step 3: Authorize Enthu.AI to fetch your voice calls from Dialpad.

Step 4: Integration is done and you should see a success message.


How to get started with Enthu.AI?

Here's a detailed help guide to answer all your questions related to using Enthu.AI (http://help.enthu.ai/)

Additional info

Enthu.AI makes your voice calls searchable so that you don't have to rely on random call sampling & listening while coaching your agents.

Leverage the power of speech AI to coach your teams faster and better.

More information/support can be found here: