Dialpad Leverages AI to Improve User Experience and Operational Efficiency Through TrueCaaS Solutions

Dialpad puts user experience first by expanding platform unification and broadening the application of Voice Intelligence

SAN FRANCISCO — November 2, 2021 — Dialpad Inc., the industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, today announced enhancements to its award-winning truly unified Communications as a Service (TrueCaaS™) solution. Dialpad® empowers people to Work Beautifully from anywhere by putting the experience first, enabling all users to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to boost company-wide efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining the user experience and reducing clicks. Dialpad products are designed for the remote workforces of today and tomorrow, presenting distributed personnel a seamless experience for productive collaboration. With its unique TrueCaaS solution delivered through one cohesive platform with AI at its core, Dialpad helps companies simplify business communications and collaboration.

The latest Dialpad enhancements will advance its One App to Tap approach with a seamless calendar integration, one-click activation for Dialpad Meetings, and the expansion of AI via Voice Intelligence (Vi™) throughout the platform. With a truly unified communications solution delivered through a single pane of glass, Dialpad simplifies business collaboration and reduces the growing issue of “app overload”.

“It’s no longer acceptable for a company to expect its customers or employees to utilize and navigate multiple platforms and channels,” said Craig Walker, CEO, Dialpad. “Companies of all sizes, from the Main Street mom-and-pop shops, to Second Avenue SMBs, up through the enterprises of Wall Street, must unify internal and external communications operations to increase operational efficiency and improve the user and customer experience.”

  • Dialpad calendar integration will allow users to easily join voice and video meetings with a single selection and users are provided a complete view of upcoming meetings, increasing staff efficiency and improving meeting effectiveness through visibility, allowing for pre-meeting preparation.

  • One-click activation for Dialpad Meetings will broaden the TrueCaaS principle by enabling users to instantly transition any interaction to a video meeting within the Dialpad app. With one click the app automatically launches a Dialpad Meetings video conference, eliminating the need to copy-and-paste meeting details into separate chat windows, or search calendar invitations for meeting links.

  • Dialpad preview functions will expand AI through Vi to all corners of the platform, combining automated speech recognition and natural language processing capabilities into real-time transcription for call coaching, talking points and analytics to increase workflow efficiency and improve customer experience. Dialpad previews provide contextual information about past interactions ahead of the next interaction including the purpose of the call, keywords, action items and conversation history.

Dialpad is the only provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) capabilities delivered from an enterprise cloud platform as one solution and communications experience. Simple to deploy, available on any device and backed up with Vi to create a searchable archive of every call, Dialpad offers the ability to work smarter — not harder — from anywhere on any device. Dialpad is the ideal platform for the hybrid workforce, empowering companies to navigate a world of constant digital transformation and enabling people to have more engaged collaboration, smarter conversations and immersive meetings together.

“Modern solutions from Dialpad allowed us to easily transition from the office to home, which has been crucial during this time of work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ryan Fannin, Vice President of Information Technology, Austin FC. “With Dialpad’s cloud platform, the transition was very easy for our organization. We were able to pick up and work anywhere with seamless flexibility, full connection and capabilities. We are very fortunate to have found Dialpad.”