Spam: By the Numbers

When it comes to workplace annoyances, having spam calls clogging up your business line is probably at the top of your list. According to one study, the seemingly endless stream of spam calls reached a ghastly number of greater than 30 billion in 2018. From debt collectors to debt-relief services, spam calls come in all shapes and sizes, but usually not from where the callers claim they are. Even with just a small percentage of those 30 billion calls being successful, spammers walked away with $350M lining their pockets. While robocalls will most likely always be “a thing,” it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when it comes to your business lines. With Dialpad by your side, you can stop spammers in their tracks and give your team the peace of mind of knowing that, yes that is a number you can answer.

Dialpad Spam By The Numbers