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Triple Aught Design delivers a modern retail experience with Dialpad

Triple Aught Design customer story

Triple Aught Design is a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of high-end outdoor gear and apparel. Across the Bay Area, the company manages an intricate network of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores. Dialpad seamlessly connects all teams—from salespeople to designers and store managers–as they work on-the-go.

Challenges of scale

Prior to Dialpad, Triple Aught Design suffered from a bulky VoIP system that was difficult to use and administrate. The company's one-man IT team spent countless hours training employees and juggling tedious support tickets. Restricted by desk phones, employees were forced to publicize personal mobile numbers to be accessible on-the-go. Company-wide smartphone usage spiked, as desk phone usage plummeted.

With Dialpad, our teams aren't tied to offices—they operate from anywhere.

Peter Hogg
Systems Engineer

Building store-to-HQ connectivity

Today’s retailers rely on robust communications platforms to connect stores, facilities, and corporate offices around the globe. From the initial mock-up of a product, to its final shipment from warehouse to customer, Triple Aught Design’s business model is no different. With Dialpad, Triple Aught Design’s workforce now has 24/7 access to business conversations. Employees can text customers from their desktops, hop on product calls in-flight, or chat about design proofs en route to the warehouse:

Every line of communication is flexible, reliable, and always-on.

On any given day, the company relies on Dialpad’s cloud-based platform to curate a modern retail experience for online and in-store customers. From servicing custom orders to coordinating product shipments, teams use Dialpad to stay effortlessly in sync.

Triple Aught Design’s geographic footprint spans retail stores in the Bay Area, remote offices in Colorado, and corporate headquarters in San Francisco. Dialpad is now embedded across every location, enabling IT to inspire a culture of collaboration.

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