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St. Charles Automotive improves customer call satisfaction with Dialpad

St Charles Automptive hero

St. Charles Automotive owns and operates three car dealerships in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Kevin Maher Jr., General Manager at St. Charles Automotive, is constantly looking for ways to improve infrastructure to make his team more productive.

Our legacy phone system wasn’t broken, but we wanted something to get us to the next level and give us a competitive advantage. Dialpad has catapulted us into the future.

Kevin Maher Jr.
General Manager, St. Charles Automotive

Maher and his team is familiar with pivoting with software tools, but Dialpad’s software really stood out and made an immediate impact.

In just one day of deploying Dialpad, over 95% of the staff became power users

“By far, we’ve had the best go-live and onboarding experience with Dialpad. From user adoption to the ability to adapt from a legacy phone system, I can’t express how smooth this transition has been,” said Kevin.

One of the biggest game-changers for St. Charles Automotive has been the ability to shorten the time it takes for a customer to speak with someone. With their legacy system, it would take a full minute or longer to go through a phone tree (get some free phone tree templates here) where a receptionist would answer, then direct the customer’s call. Maher knew there had to be a better way.

A better customer experience

Customers no longer have to go through a lengthy phone tree, and instead are able to get a hold of the right person in just a few seconds.

Dialpad has also enabled the St. Charles Automotive sales team to answer calls wherever they are, and on any device.

While it used to be a race to answer their desk phones, the team can now feel confident that they can be reached anywhere.

It’s been extremely valuable for our sales team. Reps can be reached from anywhere on their softphones, and they can switch devices and not break the call with the customer.

Kevin Maher Jr.
General Manager, St. Charles Automotive

No more guessing games

Reporting is another feature that St. Charles Automotive didn't have before. Maher used to guess how many inbound and outbound calls they would receive in a day. With Dialpad, he’s now able to segment the types of calls, quantify call volume, and put contact center analytics into place:

Since choosing Dialpad, St. Charles Automotive has improved customer call experience, removed concerns about calls being missed, and made their sales team more efficient and available.

Take Dialpad for a spin

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