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RTM Business Group gets up and running seamlessly with Dialpad

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RTM Business Group provides genuine opportunities for professionals to collaborate and share best practices. Specializing in B2B marketing and engagement platforms, they offer an alternative to traditional marketing models and tradeshows.

Nicholas Carroll, Executive Director, oversees RTM’s revenue operations, new client acquisitions, customer success and retention. He leads the sales and revenue team at RTM and is heavily involved in recruitment, on-boarding, training and development.

We've implemented a lot of tech and Dialpad was by far the easiest and the best.

Nicholas Carroll
Executive Director, RTM Business Group

Since using Dialpad, they have now found a product that’s easy to use, and also fits their needs and expectations when using a cloud phone system.

Our rep took control of the process, laid it out for us, and understood what we wanted out of our system.

Nicholas Carroll
Executive Director, RTM Business Group

Right from the start, Dialpad made RTM’s onboarding seamless by providing a hands-on approach. By learning how their business works and listening to their needs, Dialpad set up their system to work exactly as RTM expected.

The onboarding and setup of Dialpad was an 11/10. There wasn’t one hiccup or hurdle along the way.

Nicholas Carroll
Executive Director, RTM Business Group

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