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Platterz scales sales and services with Dialpad

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Platterz is an office catering platform curating food from local top restaurants and caterers, customized to feed diverse teams. From team breakfasts and lunches, to snacks and special events, their automated platform and dedicated team of Food Experts make sure everyone at offices around the world are well-fed.

Their business is highly operations-focused, so a streamlined, successful communication system is key to success. Sales, Support, and Operations teams connect with clients and partners across multiple markets daily, and Platterz prides themselves on having very reliable, positive communication across the organization.

We are super happy to finally find a working solution that is invested in growing with us!

Raz Zohar
Head of Expansion

The previous business phone system's call quality was terrible, dropping calls with poor connectivity and sound quality. The customer experience was lacking due to the phone system issues. Now with Dialpad, their teams are saving money, saving time, and allowing for an overall better experience that lets them service their clients faster, and in real time.

Platterz teams are loving Dialpad more than any other VoIP system, and they're excited to build and scale their operations with Dialpad across the globe.

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