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How Nexl quadrupled the number of closed deals with Dialpad Ai

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For law firms, capturing client relationship data is typically an inefficient, manual process that leaves a lot of room for error. Marketing and business development teams within law firms also usually have very little insight into client data, which isn’t great for their growth strategy, since strong relationships are the driver behind most successful law firms.

That's why Nexl built a platform that removes the need to manually track, map, or update law firm client data. With Nexl’s legal CRM, lawyers can easily capture client relationship data—no data entry necessary.

Today, Nexl operates in 20 countries with over 50 employees worldwide.

As you can imagine, having a remote and international team comes with its challenges, like having a sustainable outbound system that works wherever staff are located. The responsibility of choosing an outbound communication solution fell on Theo Seel Kent, Business Development Representative Manager at Nexl.

Powering a remote, international BDR team

When Theo first joined Nexl, their outbound team had three people—all of whom were part-time freelancers sending templated emails to potential clients. While this system gained some initial traction, it became clear that they needed something more scalable—something that could become a multichannel outreach system.

The team looked at some sales enablement tools and even video prospecting tools. But their unique needs meant selecting a suitable solution was challenging. For example, in their Latin American operations, a sales rep could be based in Venezuela and given an Argentina number (which is the most well-known in the region).

“Dialpad was the only company that allowed us to port and license phone numbers how we needed to, and you also had a good international dialing rate,” says Theo. That’s how Nexl can be technically headquartered in Australia but now operates internationally, with employees in 20 countries:

Screenshot of Dialpads Users interface where the team at Nexl manages phone numbers

4x the number of closed deals in just one year

Asynchronous call reviews with sentiment analysis

Another challenge Nexl faces is having a young BDR team that requires ongoing sales training. With a fully remote team, it’s also challenging to consistently and reliably train the reps. Dialpad’s AI-powered contact center sentiment analysis feature lets Nexl’s managers asynchronously review calls and provide the team with feedback to improve future calls:

Screenshot of Dialpads sentiment analysis interface where the team at Nexl is able to view the sentiment of live calls

“We use sentiment analysis to see whether it’s a good call or not,” says Theo. “It makes it easy to manage what to look at when reviewing calls because our team makes hundreds of calls daily. After we listen to the calls, we send everyone a Loom video with feedback points for the team.”

Serving law firms better as a remote team with call monitoring

As a distributed team, it’s not easy to encourage camaraderie among team members. One way Theo uses Dialpad Ai to foster camaraderie is to organize live calling sessions using call monitoring.

“With coaching groups, we’ll jump on a call together and listen to each other’s calls. Call monitoring lets us tune in and out of the calls whenever we need, which is really helpful with our fully remote team,” says Theo:

Screenshot of Dialpads desktop app showing the names of three team members that have been added to a coaching group

“Being able to hear what each other is saying and listening in on calls together helps our reps feel like they’re working together as a team.”

Thanks to their efforts in improving sales rep training, Nexl’s outbound team significantly increased their closing rates this year. “Before, we were closing 1.2% of deals. This year, we’re closing about 4.8% of them, thanks to perfecting our qualifying and increasing call quality. Our pipeline also almost doubled in the last 12 months—we did $10 million top-of-funnel,” says Theo. “I’ll massively attribute our success to outbound calling with Dialpad.”

What’s next: Real-time Assist Cards, Call Breakdown Analytics

Now that Nexl’s BDR team is experiencing huge success with increasing their pipeline and closed deals, they’re looking to take advantage of more Dialpad Ai features, like Real-time Assist Cards, to improve rep training and call quality even further:

Screenshot of an Ai Agent Assist card popping up during a live customer conversation in the Dialpad app

They’re also looking to gain deeper insight into different types of calls using Dialpad’s call count breakdown analytics.

We can’t wait to see Nexl help more law firms drive revenue operations with the available Dialpad features!

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