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How Chezuba can make calls anywhere, from the US to India

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When you want to give back to the world and make a difference, how do you measure your impact and ensure everyone has opportunities to contribute? Chezuba is ready to help with that, with a platform that gamifies volunteering and creates opportunities for anyone who wants to make a difference.

“Imagine you can do a short task for five minutes while traveling on the subway, and it has a social impact on the other side of the world,” explains Founder and CEO Sukhendra Rompally.

Of course, such a big undertaking has equally big communication needs, and that was proving to be a bit of a problem. Their telephony system just couldn’t keep up with them, as they needed custom phone numbers for everyone on their team.

“We tried using personal phones and buying devices for every team member,” Sukhendra recounts. “Not only was that not scalable, but it came with a lot of logistics issues for a remote work world.”

And as a startup, they needed something that was available at a price made for small businesses, but could scale with them as they grew.

A startup-friendly program and pricing

Chezuba was going through an accelerator program, and it was there that Sukhendra learned about Dialpad. He knew that they needed a solution that was easy to use, affordably priced, and (most importantly) could address the problems with their old system and help their team communicate across the US and India (with US phone numbers). So was Dialpad the right solution for his problems?

“The Dialpad for Startups program offered a solution which addressed all of our concerns,” Sukhendra confirms.

Dialpad was the first option Sukhendra saw, but as soon as he did, he knew that was what Chezuba needed. Dialpad’s scalability, affordability, and robust set of communications tools gave him everything he was looking for—and they even got 10 lines for free!

“As an early stage, lowly-funded startup, we couldn’t afford expensive systems, but the nature of our work meant we needed something robust. Dialpad for Startups has a very generous offering that will solve our issues for at least the next few years. So it was a no-brainer to jump in.”

Affordable worldwide calls

Switching to Dialpad was, in Sukhendra’s words, “seamless and simple.” Getting approved for the Dialpad for Startups program was just as quick, as he notes, “We got approved in less than 24 hours. And the product itself is very intuitive, so it didn’t take us long to understand it and get started.”

Now, Chezuba uses Dialpad for all their calling. The team can make calls from anywhere, with local numbers of their choice. For a company with teams split across the world, that’s an invaluable feature.

"Dialpad has helped our teams in India have US numbers, and gives them the option to make calls, rather than solely relying on email."

While Chezuba’s employees once had to use their personal numbers or buy new devices for their work calls, that’s no longer a problem. They can use Dialpad on their mobile phones, computers, or any internet browser, regardless of what kind of device they use. And it’s all from the same business number (yes, even on their personal devices). To Sukhendra, the customizable phone numbers for each employee and department are invaluable.


"As we grow, we won’t have to worry about cloud telephony until we reach a point of product-market fit or profitability! Dialpad is literally saying ‘you focus on building your business, and don’t worry about us until your business is stable.’ That is SUPER KIND. Thank you, Dialpad!"

Of course, it also helps that they got those 10 free lines. “I’ve never come across such a generous offering before,” he marvels. Not only that, Chezuba is saving money on the lines they are paying for. Sukhendra estimates they’re saving about $100 a month, and for a small startup, every dollar makes a big difference.

A solution that grows with them

Before Dialpad, Chezuba had to make do with what worked at the moment. They used the telephony option their CRM software provided because that was what was available. They used their own cell phones and personal numbers for their calls because that was what they had. But they knew that couldn’t last, and moved on to something that could start off small and grow with them.

Dialpad is easy to scale up and down—it literally just takes minutes to add new numbers, or even entire contact centers. So no matter how big Chezuba grows, Dialpad can be there with them.


If Sukhendra could give any new startups his advice, it would be this: “When you’re just a two to three-person company, you tend to pick systems and processes that work ‘for now.’ The challenge is: as new members come in, and you realize your choices don’t work anymore, you’ll waste a lot of time switching to new tools. You need to pick a system that works for you for at least the next one to two years—because the last thing you want to do is change tools and processes every few months.”

And Dialpad doesn’t just work for now—it’ll keep working with Chezuba for as long as they need.

Does your startup need a business communications platform that lets you work from anywhere without breaking the bank?

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