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See how Betterment saw 60% in cost savings with Dialpad

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With over $200 million in venture capital raised from a long list of Silicon Valley investors, Betterment is one of the fastest-growing startups in the financial technology space. The company provides customers with a smarter way to invest, and helps them invest billions of dollars to achieve their retirement goals.

As with many successful startups, however, Betterment experienced the double-edged sword of hyper growth. In 2016, the company doubled its workforce, which threatened to overburden the existing communication system—and the IT team tasked with managing it.

Nobody wants a clunky phone on their desk. Dialpad is a perfect fit for the way our employees work today.

Mike Bongardino | IT Manager

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Building a connected company

With Dialpad, Betterment can now connect employees across their favorite devices, while supporting voice, video, and messaging—all in one place.

“Originally, we had one phone line that rang a bunch of desk phones,” said Mike Bongardino, IT Manager at Betterment. “But we lacked the enterprise-level features necessary for a company scaling so quickly.”

The old system was not just inefficient. It was also expensive: “Our previous telephony bill was absurd,” said Bongardino. “It was over $1,200 a month for a service that we were barely utilizing.”

Since switching to Dialpad, Betterment has seen more than 60% in cost savings. Dialpad scales seamlessly with the needs of the fast-moving startup, which experiences bursts of growth as it gains traction and expands to new regions and markets. Supported by a communications infrastructure that’s flexible, scalable, and always on, Betterment’s employees are now free to do their best work from anywhere.

Betterment works from anywhere with Dialpad

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