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How ATG Travel saves 10% of time with Dialpad Ai

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Navigating the complex maze of global corporate travel, ATG Travel Worldwide stands as a beacon for businesses seeking a seamless business travel experience. With their expansive footprint spanning 140 countries, they've been a silent force behind countless business trips, facilitating smooth journeys for professionals across diverse industries.

Yet, operating on such a grand scale isn't without its challenges. ATG's vast web of support offices and franchises often found themselves entangled in the complications of rapid information access during crucial customer interactions. In a world where every second counts, the U.S. support team especially grappled with the daunting task of retrieving relevant details promptly, ensuring they lived up to their promise of impeccable customer experience.

Additionally, the intricate nature of international operations made administrative tasks cumbersome, demanding a more streamlined approach to contact center organization and system management.

Enter Dialpad. Initially adopted by ATG's U.S. operations to smoothen out kinks in their support system, Dialpad's AI-infused solutions soon showcased their transformative potential.

Peter Ashworth, the Managing Director of Europe for ATG Travel Worldwide, and Shaila Santo, Team Leader for the Operations Team, both bear testament to the game-changing impact of Dialpad's offerings on ATG Travel’s service delivery. Through AI-driven transcriptions, real-time assist cards, and more, ATG Travel not only revitalized their support team's efficiency but also took significant strides toward perfecting their customer experience.

“We wanted to take our customer service to the next level”

In the realm of corporate travel, each interaction with a client is a pivotal touchpoint, often determining the success of the subsequent journey. For ATG Travel, the ambition was clear: elevate their service standards to unparalleled heights. It became apparent that there were lots of room for improvement.

The recurrent challenge? Stability and reliability across countries. Shaila, responsible for overseeing the operations team and global franchises, says "Providing a prompt response was a consistent hurdle. We aspired to pick up our client calls within mere seconds, but our previous system was not integrated, stable and consistent."

But change was on the horizon. Dialpad's reputation for seamlessly merging AI prowess with intuitive communication tools caught ATG Travel's attention. Drawn by the promise of a reliable system, ATG Travel integrated Dialpad's solutions into its operational fabric.

"Now, our connection with clients is not only steadfast but also enriched with data-driven insights, thanks to Dialpad Ai Voice and Ai Contact Center products," says Peter.

The dividends of this partnership were multifaceted. ATG's support team, especially in the U.S., observed an immediate surge in their daily productivity, with Ai Assist streamlining their processes and shaving off almost 10% of their time. This newfound efficiency directly translated into enhanced customer relationships, reinforcing ATG's position as a global leader in their niche.

Providing a great customer experience every time

Ensuring a seamless and satisfying customer experience is ATG Travel's bread and butter. It’s what sets them apart in a competitive market. Dialpad’s AI features not only ease the tasks for ATG’s dedicated team but also directly enhance the customer's journey.

Supporting agents with Ai Transcriptions and Ai Assist

The world of travel is vast and complex. Each client call can pivot from general inquiries to the minutiae of travel plans within moments. For the support agents, this demands agility, precision, and a wealth of information at their fingertips. This is where Dialpad's Ai Transcriptions and Ai Assist shine.

Screenshot of Dialpads live call interface with real time transcription running

"Before Dialpad, our agents had to rely on memory or manual searches. Now, as soon as a keyword is mentioned, the right information instantly pops up. It's transformative," says Peter. This instant access not only boosts agent confidence but also ensures customers receive accurate and timely responses. Shaila adds, "Our travel agents feel more empowered. They can focus on the customer, knowing that Dialpad has their back."

Saving valuable time for each employee with Ai Recap

Time, in the fast-paced world of corporate travel, is invaluable. The more hours the team can dedicate to customer interactions, the better. And with Dialpad's Ai Recap, this dream is now a reality.

Screenshot of Dialpads messaging interface showing an automated recap of the last call with that contact

"It's more than just convenience," shares Shaila. "Ai Recap automates the administrative tasks, giving our team more time every day. They can redirect this time to what really matters—nurturing our customer relationships."

Smarter business decisions with AI-powered business intelligence

The modern travel industry isn't just about connecting people to places—it's about sifting through data to understand trends, customer needs, and business operations. In the realm of corporate travel, this takes center stage. At ATG Travel, the ability to quickly dissect and interpret this data is critical. That's where Dialpad's AI-powered business intelligence enters the scene, revolutionizing how ATG approaches decision-making.

Screenshot of Dialpads analytics dashboard

For ATG Travel, keeping a finger on the pulse of call volumes, missed or abandoned calls, and average handling times is essential. These seemingly straightforward metrics offer a window into the company's performance and customer satisfaction levels. Dialpad's platform transforms these data points into actionable insights. No more guessing games—instead, decisions are rooted in real-time data, driving the company's strategy forward.

Peter emphasizes the transformative power of these insights, "Business intelligence tools used to be a 'nice-to-have,' but now they're indispensable. With Dialpad, we not only understand what's happening, but why it's happening. It's taken the guesswork out of our decision-making."

Incorporating this kind of intelligence means ATG Travel can proactively adjust staffing levels, ensuring they always meet customer demand. It's not just about reacting to the present, but forecasting the future. "The granular information we get from Dialpad lets us dive deep into each call center's performance," says Shaila. "We're not just putting out fires— we're building a resilient, customer-centric infrastructure."

Looking ahead: Ai Scorecards and a future of possibilities

Change is a constant in the travel industry, and ATG Travel embraces it, especially when AI powers this change. With an unwavering focus on customer experience, service and agent proficiency, ATG looks forward to integrating Ai Scorecards into their operational toolbox for a comprehensive overview of every customer call. For ATG, it's not just about metrics—it's about using those metrics to ensure their agents are always at the top of their game.

Peter shares, "Training our agents and ensuring top-notch service delivery is our priority. The Ai Scorecards will be pivotal in ramping up our agents and refining our training processes." As they continue to expand globally, these scorecards will play an indispensable role in maintaining the quality and consistency of ATG's services across regions.

But beyond the features and tools, there's a philosophy at play. ATG sees AI as an ally, a tool that, when used wisely, can propel them to even greater heights. "The future is AI, and if we use it properly, it can help us move forward," says Shaila.

With a clear vision of the future and an unwavering commitment to excellence, ATG Travel Worldwide is focused on harnessing the full potential of AI and crafting travel experiences that are not just memorable, but unparalleled.

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