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Introducing… Dialpad Ai Labs

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More and more business communications and contact center providers are talking about artificial intelligence, and for good reason.

Ai is completely changing the way we work, and companies that are getting a head start on adopting AI are gaining a true competitive advantage. What does that look like?

  • Radically better customer experiences that don’t all need a human agent to be involved

  • More productive (and happier) employees who can find the information they need to help a customer—or close a deal

  • Deeper, actionable insights that empower leaders to invest in the right areas of the business to drive revenue, consistently

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of all of these possibilities, and has always been a deeply embedded part of how we’ve built—and are building—Dialpad. That’s why we’re announcing a further $50 million investment into the continued investigation and development (R&D) of AI-related technologies, and the formal creation of our new in-house hub that will be ground zero for all of this research: The Dialpad Ai Lab.

AI at Dialpad: Not just a buzzword

Dialpad’s team of AI scientists have actually been working for quite some time on unique and exceptional research—and applying those findings to the design of Dialpad’s products. The Dialpad Ai Lab provides an opportunity to leverage this incredible team to further experiment in AI-feature exploration and development.

In fact, in the last year alone, nine academic research papers written by our Dialpad Ai Engineers focusing on NLP (Natural Language Processing) were accepted at top academic conferences:

1. Improving Punctuation Restoration for Speech Transcripts via External Data

2. BLINK with Elasticsearch for Efficient Entity Linking in Business Conversations

3. Developing a Production System for Purpose of Call Detection in Business Phone Conversations

4. An Auto Encoder-based Dimensionality Reduction Technique for Efficient Entity Linking in Business Phone Conversations

5. Punctuation Restoration in Spanish Customer Support Transcripts using Transfer Learning

6. An Effective, Performant Named Entity Recognition System for Noisy Business Telephone Conversation Transcripts

7. Entity-level Sentiment Analysis in Contact Center Telephone Conversations

8. Extracting Similar Questions From Naturally-occurring Business Conversations

  • Published on arXiv.arXiv:2206.01585

9. Improving Named Entity Recognition in Telephone Conversations via Effective Active Learning with Human in the Loop

Dialpad CEO Craig Walker

Over the next five years, Dialpad is committed to the scientific research required to move the benefits of AI to the next level. Dialpad’s intuitive Ai insights will simplify how work is done by enabling the end-users to become more informed decision-makers and better understand customers’ unique needs.

Craig Walker
CEO and Founder

The evolution of Dialpad Ai

Dialpad disrupted the collaboration market years ago when we developed the first real-time speech recognition engine for enterprise conversations. Since then, we’ve extended our Dialpad Ai capabilities by delivering industry-first, customer intelligence-focused features like:

  • Real-Time Assist or RTA cards, which automatically pop up helpful notes for agents live on calls

  • Ai-powered self-service web and chat bots

  • Ai CSAT, which infers customer satisfaction scores to give Support teams a much more holistic view of customer satisfaction:

Screenshot of Dialpad's predictive Ai CSAT feature

“There is a huge opportunity to leverage Ai to drive customer intelligence for every business in the world, which is why we’re bullish on Ai-powered insights such as Ai CSAT, churn prediction, and revenue prediction,” adds Dan O’Connell, our Chief Strategy Officer.

“Another major area for us is workflow automation, so we’re doubling down on our search and information retrieval capabilities to do things such as suggesting answers to questions and appending notes to CRM records. We have a unique and exceptional Ai team made up of industry experts in product, engineering, and research. The Dialpad Ai Lab provides an opportunity to leverage this talent to further experiment in Ai-feature development and push boundaries in exploration.”

💡 Fun fact:

To date, Dialpad Ai has transcribed more than 3.34 billion minutes with unmatched accuracy to help businesses glean more customer intelligence from their marketing, support, and sales conversations.

We don’t believe AI should just be reserved for Fortune 500 companies either. We made a conscious decision as we designed this latest iteration of Dialpad as a Customer Intelligence platform to make it accessible to every role, in every industry—no million-dollar budget (or army of PhDs) required.

And of course, all in the beautiful, unified experience that Dialpad is known for, that works across any device and from anywhere.

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