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Enterprise AI solutions: How global orgs leverage the power of artificial intelligence

Shwetha Jois

Associate Product Manager

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Enterprise AI solutions are what large companies are turning to in order to save time, labor, and money, to inform their business decisions, and solve everyday management pain points.

In 2023, Ernst & Young surveyed 254 technology leaders and found that 90 percent of respondents were exploring AI platforms and 80 percent planned to increase their investments in AI in the upcoming year.

Finding the right enterprise AI platform can make a huge difference in your bottom line, so let’s explore what are artificial intelligence enterprise solutions and what AI enterprise software can do for you.

What are enterprise AI solutions?

AI enterprise solutions are AI-based solutions designed to meet the more complex needs of large, usually multinational, companies. Enterprise AI software can help companies automate tasks, process large amounts of data, analyze business data to help relevant stakeholders make informed decisions, and so much more.

Principal benefits of enterprise AI solutions

There are more advantages of enterprise AI solutions compared to non-AI solutions. Non-AI solutions may ease some pain points but may not provide time or financial savings in the long run.

Enterprise AI solutions bring many benefits, including more streamlined processes and workflows, greater productivity, improved customer experience, and shorter sales cycles. When you choose the right AI solutions for enterprise, you can achieve enterprise transformation.

More streamlined processes and workflows

Enterprise AI applications can help businesses further strengthen their processes and workflows. AI-based enterprise solutions like Dialpad Ai can automate processes like call and meeting transcription, data entry, and other labor intensive tasks. Artificial intelligence can even help determine which tasks can be reassigned to AI programs or to different individuals and/or eliminated to make workflows more efficient and productive.

Greater productivity

One way for enterprises to achieve greater productivity is to find a powerful enterprise communication solution. A comprehensive solution like Dialpad Ai allows for better communication across the enterprise as a whole, which makes individual teams and the organization as whole more productive.

Dialpad’s real time transcription capabilities, call recording features, integration with countless apps, tools you’re already using, as well as intuitive desktop and mobile apps allow for seamless communication and productivity across teams.

Screenshot of Dialpad's real-time transcription running during a live call

Improved customer experience

Artificial intelligence for enterprise applications can also help improve customer experience. One example of an enterprise AI solution is an enterprise chatbot. When customers have questions, enterprise chatbots can search a company’s knowledge bases and route a customer to the right live agent, cutting down on customer frustration with multiple transferred calls. This improves the customer’s experience overall and increases satisfaction with your organization.

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Shorter sales cycles

Shorter sales cycles can also be achieved with AI for enterprise applications. With an enterprise chatbot, which uses conversational AI, you can automate or streamline elements of the sales process. Dialpad Ai can boost your enterprise sales by assisting in nurturing leads, giving customers a more customized conversation-driven experience, and shortening the sales cycle by automating follow-ups.

5 Enterprise AI solutions use cases

Enterprise AI solutions uses can be found in diverse fields and enterprises across the globe. For example, Airbnb, Estée Lauder, Rolls Royce, and Boeing all use AI for enterprise applications.

From customer service to sales, recruiting and talent management to financial reporting and accounting to process automation, enterprise AI solutions can and are used daily by well-known multinational companies.

Customer service

As we mentioned before, enterprise chatbots and conversational AI can help businesses level up their customer service.

Because conversational AI can help you more quickly resolve customer issues and tailor your potential customer’s experience on your site with recommendations and chat functions, you’ll have happier customers who are likely to make a purchase and recommend your organization to others.

One example of a company leveraging AI enterprise software is Lufthansa, which strives to use platform automation, data, and AI to further enhance their digital customer experience.


One area where enterprise AI shines is in sales support. Splunk, a unified security and observability platform, used Dialpad Ai to scale their enterprise with real time analytics and APIs.

When their old phone system couldn’t support their large, global workforce, Splunk turned to Dialpad’s cloud platform and solutions. Thanks to Dialpad’s ease of use and cloud solutions, Splunk was able to scale as quickly as they needed to with Dialpad — this is the story of how Splunk used enterprise AI to support their global team.

Recruitment and talent management

AI enterprise software can also be used in recruitment and talent management. From resume screening in the first phase of the hiring process to body language screening during the interview process to matching new hires with jobs and projects once a candidate is hired, AI is used by several household names.

Amazon uses AI to screen resumes, match candidates with roles, and perform initial assessments. Unilever partnered with Pymetrics to develop video analyzing software that would scan candidates’ facial expression, body language, and word choice. They would then use a machine learning algorithm to determine who is a good fit through a variety of natural language processing and body language analysis.

Financial reporting and accounting

When it comes to AI for enterprise applications, even giants in the field of financial reporting and accounting use AI to support their teams’ analytical capabilities.

Intuit, the company behind TurboTax, uses AI to improve data analysis around financial planning for their 730 million clients. Intuit built their own generative AI platform and implemented financial large language models that specialize in tax, accounting, and cash flow to reduce repetitive tasks for workers and streamline and reduce errors with data entry, transaction categorization, and invoice processing.

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) uses natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, and other AI to better inform their consulting and plans on investing over three billion dollars over the next three years in order to expand and scale their generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Process automation

Did you know that enterprise AI software like chatbots can also help with process automation?

Enterprise chatbots can train your chatbot in internal process automation to do inventory management, perform data entry, and onboard employees, as well as automate some customer service interactions like updating account details directly, which saves your organization time and manpower.

Two real life examples of companies using process automation are Atlantic Health System and AT&T. Atlantic Health System uses process automation to streamline the process of obtaining prior authorizations and AT&T uses process automation to reduce repetitive tasks for its service delivery group.

Enterprise AI solutions give large organizations a competitive advantage

Enterprise AI solutions give large organizations a competitive advantage. With enterprise AI software, businesses can streamline their processes, increase their productivity, improve customer experience, and shorten their sales cycles.

Artificial intelligence enterprise solutions are so powerful that even multinationals are leveraging AI for their own recruitment, sales, reporting, and automatic needs.

Isn’t it time you explored how enterprise AI solutions can give your organization an even greater edge?

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