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Dialpad for Good Newsletter - Ai Powered Edition - Spring 2023

Clinton Ball

Startups Program Manager

Startups Newsletter Header Spring 2023
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Level up your Sales and Customer Experience teams with Dialpad Ai

Read about how Dialpad is redefining communications through Ai here, and about Dialpad Ai Labs here.

All Dialpad for Startups Customers can access deals (up to 75% off!*) on both our Ai Sales and Ai Contact Center products. Reach out to [email protected] if you would like more information, or how to add these products from within Dialpad. More info on Ai Sales and Contact Center below:

Dialpad Ai Sales helps you close deals faster with Ai- enabled sales and keeps your outbound teams a step ahead with tools like sentiment analysis, live Ai coaching, and real-time assists. Our Ai-powered sales communications solution helps reps learn from customer insights, build meaningful relationships and drive more revenue.

Dialpad Ai Contact Center is the world’s most advanced omnichannel contact center, offering Ai-enabled digital, inbound, and outbound voice capabilities designed to deliver excellent customer outcomes.

*75% off for eligible companies (depending on your current startup plan), reach out for more info.

Here is what our startup customers have to say...

“We’ve improved our response time to homeowners by 75% and coordinated more transactions thanks to Dialpad.” KOBI MANTZUR, CO-FOUNDER AND CTO, ZORBA

“Dialpad Ai makes it very easy to review patients’ calls that come in overnight and prepare for follow up calls.“ PAUL JULIUS, CEO AND CO-FOUNDER - THREAD HEALTH

“Dialpad’s real-time transcriptions are nice when we’re on the phone with someone and miss a small comment they make. Whether it’s the size of the board they want or the quantity, it’s really nice to see that number popped up on the screen.” HANSON GRANT, FOUNDER, THINK BOARD

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