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12 best AI outreach tools for emails and calls in 2024

Patricia Macapuno

SEO Outreach Specialist

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Reaching out and making connections can often be the key to growth and success. Whether it's through a carefully crafted email or a personalized phone call, effective outreach is key to not just keeping the wheels turning but also to propelling your business forward.

Thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), there’s no shortage of tools that can significantly boost both efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you're aiming to improve customer service, increase sales, or simply streamline your communication processes, the right AI tools can make all the difference.

In this post, we've curated a list of AI tools designed to enhance your email and call outreach efforts. Each of these tools has been selected based on their innovative features and their potential to transform how businesses connect with their customers.

AI tools for cold calling

1. Dialpad Ai Contact Center

Dialpad Ai Contact Center is a cloud-based platform that uses artificial intelligence to significantly enhance both customer support and sales call operations. An AI and customer service report found that the integration of AI into contact centers has shown to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness dramatically. This tool streamlines your outreach efforts, ensuring they are not only more strategic but also backed by data-driven insights, making them more impactful.

Key ai customer service stats

When considering a dialer like Dialpad, key pain points for sales teams include the inefficiency of manually handling large volumes of outbound calls, the struggle to maintain consistent customer follow-ups, and the difficulty in effectively measuring the success of call strategies. Dialpad addresses these challenges by automating routine tasks, ensuring consistent follow-ups through scheduled reminders, and integrating advanced analytics to measure call performance.

Additionally, Dialpad's Ai Recaps feature automates the generation of call summaries, capturing key points and action items, which significantly aids in information retention and organization during high call volumes.

Dialpad Ai Recap In blog image

Designed specifically for outbound initiatives, Dialpad's solution eliminates unnecessary features suited for inbound calls and focuses on enhancing direct outreach. This targeted approach ensures that outreach efforts are not only more efficient but also strategically effective, leading to improved management of customer interactions across preferred channels.

Dialpad’s contact center AI boosts agent productivity and enhances customer interactions by making each call more strategic. Whether their contacts prefer traditional phone conversations or other forms of communication, Dialpad helps ensure that every outreach is optimized for impact, streamlining teams' efforts and making their strategies more sustainable over the long term.


Pricing: Starts at $80/per user/month

2. Jiminny

Jiminny operates goes beyond just enhancing individual calls — it fundamentally changes how we understand our customers. By analyzing the patterns in their voices, we're able to gather insights that might have gone unnoticed. This isn’t about just meeting customer needs at the moment—it’s about discovering what they truly want and prefer, even when they might not explicitly say it.

With this depth of understanding, businesses can craft outreach strategies that are not just effective, but tailored to the specific needs of their customers. It's about moving from a one-size-fits-all approach to a tailored, personalized strategy.

As a result, businesses can connect with their customers on a deeper level, building stronger relationships and fostering loyalty. It transforms the outreach strategy from a simple broadcast of information to a meaningful conversation, where the customer feels heard and valued.


  • Real-time voice analytics

  • Call recording and playback

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Integration with CRM systems

Pricing: Starts at $60 per user/month.

3. Kizen

Kizen transforms call scripting with AI, customizing scripts in real-time based on the conversation's direction. This means that as the discussion evolves, so does the script, ensuring that the agent’s responses and suggestions are always relevant and engaging to the customer's present situation and needs.

This level of adaptability significantly enhances the customer’s experience. Instead of feeling like they’re receiving generic responses, customers are engaged in a dialogue that feels personal and attentive to their unique circumstances

For businesses, the benefits are tangible. By ensuring that each interaction is as relevant and engaging as possible, Kizen’s approach can lead to higher conversion rates. In essence, Kizen’s AI-driven customization of call scripts transforms the traditional call center interaction into a dynamic, personalized conversation.


  • Predictive analytics

  • Automated workflows

  • Personalized customer journeys

  • Integration with multiple data sources

Pricing: Pricing starts at $75 per user/month.

4. Convin

Continuous improvement is key in cold calling, and Convin offers AI-powered call quality monitoring. This tool analyzes calls to provide feedback on performance, highlights areas for improvement, and supports training efforts. It's an invaluable asset for enhancing team skills and customer interactions over time.

What sets Convin apart is its ability to provide detailed, actionable feedback on performance. This isn’t about vague suggestions or generic advice. The AI analyzes numerous aspects of a call—from tone and tempo to content and customer responses—offering specific insights that can directly inform coaching and training strategies.

Moreover, this ongoing analysis highlights trends and patterns that might not be immediately apparent. It can reveal, for example, that certain phrases or approaches consistently yield positive results, or that particular times of day are more effective for reaching customers. This level of insight supports not just individual improvement but also strategic decision-making about the overall approach to cold calling.


  • AI-powered call analytics

  • Sales call coaching

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Customizable dashboards

Pricing: Available upon request.

AI tools for email outreach


Reply is an AI-powered sales engagement platform that helps sales teams find new prospects, engage them through multiple channels with AI, and create new opportunities at scale while keeping every touchpoint personal.

Reply contact database

Powered by cutting-edge AI technologies, Reply handles some of the most time-consuming email outreach tasks on your behalf. From building targeted prospect lists with its own free database of 140+ million contacts to crafting personalized emails with AI and booking calls right through the platform – Reply allows you to streamline your entire sales process, saving up to 40% of your sales team’s time.

Its robust reporting system tracks all activities for every team member and automatically logs them to your CRM via native integrations, rich API with 40+ methods, or Zapier. Reply offers in-depth analytics dashboards helping you stay on top of your team’s performance.


  • AI Template Generation

  • Email Performance Optimization

  • Complex Sequence Crafting

  • Intent-Based Email Categorization

  • Automated Email Responses

Pricing: Starts at $49 per user / per month

6. Mixmax

Mixmax is a sales engagement platform that offers AI functionality that simplifies outreach for revenue teams. It helps salespeople draft and refine personalized emails within their sequences, and schedule emails at the exact right time.

Two new features from Mixmax include AI Compose and AI-suggested send times. AI Compose acts as an AI assistant that aids users in drafting or further personalizing emails directly within a sequence, enhancing the likelihood of receiving a response or securing a meeting

GIF of Mixmax new feature called AI compose that helps with creating email for engagement

Meanwhile, AI-suggested send times leverages machine learning to recommend the most optimal times for sending emails to prospects and customers, taking into account their past inbox activities.

Features send later recommended send times

Efficiency meets personalization with Mixmax, a tool that automates your email sequences without sacrificing the personal touch. It schedules follow-ups based on recipient actions, ensuring timely engagement. With its intuitive AI, Mixmax optimizes send times and tailors messages, increasing your chances of hitting the inbox.


  • AI Compose

  • AI-suggested send times

  • One-click templates

  • Sequence automation

Pricing: Starts at $$29 per user/month (billed annually)

7. SendPulse

Understanding your email performance is crucial, and SendPulse offers deep insights powered by AI. It tracks open rates, click-through rates, and more, providing actionable suggestions on how to refine your strategies for better results. This tool helps you understand what works, what doesn't, and why, enabling you to craft more effective campaigns.

SendPulse leverages artificial intelligence to dissect these metrics and interpret them in a way that offers clear, actionable insights. It provides specific suggestions on how to adjust your email strategies for improved outcomes. These recommendations are tailored based on the unique trends and data points observed in your campaigns, allowing for precision tweaks that can significantly enhance effectiveness.

With this platform, you can drive better engagement, increase conversions, and develop a more nuanced understanding of your customer base. Ultimately, SendPulse transforms your email marketing efforts into a dynamic, data-driven process that continuously evolves and improves based on solid, AI-driven insights.


  • AI-driven personalization

  • Email automation

  • A/B testing

  • Subscription form builder

Pricing: Free plan available; Starts at $8/month

8. Clio

Maintaining a clean email list is essential for deliverability and engagement. Clio uses AI to analyze and scrub your list, removing inactive or invalid addresses. This process helps improve your email performance metrics and reduces the risk of being marked as spam, ensuring your messages reach the intended audience.

Clio helps you focus your efforts on engaged recipients, where you naturally improve your engagement metrics, such as open rates and click-through rates. High engagement rates signal to these providers that recipients value your emails, further decreasing your chances of ending up in the spam folder.

Clio’s AI-powered email list cleaning is more than just a maintenance tool—it’s a strategic asset that enhances the precision and effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns, ensuring your messages not only reach the intended audience but also drive meaningful engagement.


  • Case management

  • Time tracking

  • Document management

  • Email integration

Pricing: Starts at $39 per user/month.

9. Enthu.AI

One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is avoiding spam filters. Enthu.AI addresses this challenge head-on with its AI-driven solutions designed to boost your email deliverability. By analyzing your emails against known spam triggers and providing recommendations for improvement, it ensures your messages make it to the inbox, not the spam folder.

Enthu.AI goes a step further by providing tailored recommendations for each email campaign. Based on its analysis, it might suggest changes such as modifying your email content, adjusting your sending frequency, or even altering how you format your emails. Its technology learns from each analysis, continually refining its understanding of what gets emails past modern, sophisticated spam filters.

With Enthu.AI capabilities, you're not just sending emails; you're sending smarter, more effective communications that are likely to be opened and read. This not only enhances the reach and impact of your email marketing efforts but also improves your overall engagement rates.


  • Conversation analytics

  • Automated scorecards

  • Customizable performance metrics

  • Integration with email and call systems

Pricing: Starts at $59 per user/month

AI tools for both emails and calls

10. Copper

Copper enhances CRM platforms by integrating AI, offering targeted outreach based on predictive analytics. This tool helps businesses understand their audience better, tailoring interactions to increase engagement and conversion rates. Copper exemplifies how AI can bring CRM data to life, making outreach efforts more strategic and results-driven.

Companies can personalize their marketing and sales strategies in ways that significantly boost engagement. For example, predictive analytics can suggest the optimal time to reach out to a customer or recommend specific products or services they are most likely to purchase, based on their past interactions and behaviors.

Dashboard Copper CRM max 1280x720 format jpeg 1

Copper’s integration of AI into CRM platforms represents a significant leap forward in how businesses manage and leverage customer relationships. This leads to making smarter, more informed decisions that not only enhance customer satisfaction but also drive business growth through more effective and engaging outreach strategies.


  • Case management

  • Time tracking

  • Document management

  • Email integration

Pricing: Starts at $39 per user/month.

11. HelpWise

HelpWise stands out as a comprehensive solution for managing both email and cold calling within a single, unified platform. This omnichannel approach not only simplifies the logistics of communication but also enhances the effectiveness of outreach efforts by providing a seamless experience for both businesses and their customers.

This level of personalization means that customers feel understood and valued, leading to higher engagement rates and, ultimately, better conversion rates. Each interaction is informed by previous exchanges, regardless of the channel, ensuring that the conversation flows naturally and is always relevant to the customer's current situation and history with the company.

HelpWise reduces the complexity of managing multiple communication tools and datasets. This streamlined approach not only saves time and resources but also reduces the chances of errors, such as mismatched data or inconsistent messaging.


  • Shared inboxes for email, SMS, and social media

  • Email tracking and scheduling

  • Automation rules

  • CRM integration

Pricing: Starts at $12 per user/month.

12. Wingman by Clari

Wingman uses AI to automate the A/B testing process, providing real-time insights that help improve messages and strategies. This tool is crucial for continuously improving outreach efforts based on solid data and analysis.

Traditionally, A/B testing involves manually creating variations of a campaign to see which performs better across a set of predefined metrics. Wingman transforms this process by using AI to dynamically generate and test variations in real time, greatly speeding up the testing cycle and reducing the workload involved in these tests.

The real-time aspect of Wingman’s AI-driven A/B testing is particularly crucial. It allows for rapid iteration and refinement, making marketing campaigns mSuch more agile. Businesses can quickly shift their approach in response to new data or changing market conditions, significantly increasing the effectiveness of their outreach efforts.


  • Real-time call analysis

  • Automated note-taking

  • Deal intelligence

  • CRM integration

Pricing: Starts at $60 per user/month

Over to you

The intersection of AI and outreach presents a thrilling frontier for businesses looking to enhance their communication strategies. From personalizing emails to optimizing call scripts and beyond, the tools we've discussed today offer a glimpse into a future where outreach is not just automated but deeply connected to the individual needs and behaviors of the audience.

Integrating these AI tools into your outreach strategy could not only streamline your processes but also significantly improve your engagement rates and conversion success. We encourage you to explore these tools, experiment with their features, and find the combination that best fits your business needs. The right AI outreach tools can be game-changers in how you connect with your audience, opening up new opportunities for growth and success.

Want to see how Dialpad Ai Contact Center can work for your team?