Make every sales call a closing call.

Dialpad Sell lets you make calls, learn from them, and automate busywork to help you sell more—and do it from any device.

Dialpad Sell
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Voice Intelligence (Vi) on every call

How we help you close more deals—and learn from the ones you don’t.

“Since implementing Dialpad Sell, we've been able to ramp employees quicker, get them on prospect calls sooner and produce enhanced results for our clients.”

— Keith Titus, CEO, MarketStar

Features that make selling easier

Voicemail Drop +

Move on to your next call sooner by leaving a pre-recorded message in your prospect's voicemail box.

Integrations +

Make selling a cinch thanks to native integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, G Suite, Office 365, and Slack. Native Integrations

Listen In +

Provide better support to your reps with the ability to listen in to their calls live, join them, or take it over if necessary. AI Sales Coach Feature

Any device +

Move sales calls between your laptop, smartphone, or tablet with just a click and keep your conversation going. Post Call Automation Feature

Analytics +

See important live stats and uncover trends over time so you have a better understanding of what makes customers say yes. Call Analytics Feature

Transparent pricing +

Let's make this easy. Unlimited inbound minutes. 3K outbound minutes. No hidden fees. And invoices you can actually understand. Pricing

Sentiment analysis +

Know how any live call is going, and provide feedback and coaching in real-time if required. Live Sentiment Analysis Feature

Real-Time Recommendations +

Overcome objections instantly by providing reps with key information—like product details or competitor intel—the moment they need it. Real-Time Recommendation Feature

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