Presence and Status

Dialpad Presence and Status indicators provide a quick way to know whether a team member is available, busy, or away. Presence information is automatically updated when you’re in a meeting or a conference call, but you can also change and manually input a custom Status.

Presence: Why It Matters

How often have you been on the phone when suddenly a message pops up on your screen? Or you’re trying to focus on what’s happening in meeting and your phone’s buzzing next to you?

While workplace distractions are sometimes an unavoidable part of our day to day, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to let colleagues know when you’re available and when you’re not?

That’s where Dialpad’s Presence and custom Status come in. With the Presence indicator automatically tied to your Dialpad line, your team is able to quickly and easily see Presence states like:

  • On a call
  • On a conference call (Dialpad UberConference)
  • In a meeting
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)

Additionally, with custom Status messages, individual users can add a bit of background to their presence like "out for lunch" or "coffee break, be right back."

G Suite users have the added functionality of automatically having their Presence Status set as "busy" when a time is booked within their calendars.

How Presence Works

Located in the top right hand corner of the Dialpad desktop app window beside the user’s avatar, the Presence indicator displays several different statuses:

  • Green means the user is available. It’s probably ok to reach out to them in a message or give them a call.
  • Orange with ‘U’ inside means the user is currently on an Dialpad UberConference call and should not be disturbed until after the meeting concludes.
  • Flat orange means the user has a meeting booked in their calendar and should not be disturbed (This Presence option is available to the users who have the Dialpad Google G Suite integration).
  • Red with a phone icon inside indicates that the user is currently on a call and shouldn’t be disturbed.
  • Red with strikethrough indicates user has activated Do Not Disturb and will not receive any incoming calls.

How Custom Status Works

Dialpad lets you customize personal statuses for times when presence doesn’t tell the full story—for example, employees that travel may update their status to the current city they’re working in that day. Or maybe you’ve toggled on DND but you’ll be back in a bit. You could always combine your DND presence with a custom status message that says “be back in 5”. 

Smarter Status Settings in Dialpad

Take the guesswork out of availability. With Dialpad’s Presence and custom Status, team members can interact with one another without the fear of cutting into someone’s meeting or interrupting an important phone call.

Just run a quick search to pull a team member’s Presence icon and/or custom Status message (this includes both desktop and mobile apps, too). 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure my Presence is set while I’m on a call or in meeting?

If you’re using Dialpad to make the call or conduct the meeting, the Presence will automatically be set to either ‘on a call’ or ‘in meeting’ (if you’ve hopped on an Dialpad UberConference, we’ll note that in the icon as well). If you’re calling through a phone number outside of Dialpad, you will have to set your status manually by clicking ‘Set your status’ by your icon inside Dialpad.

Who can see my Presence information?

Your Presence state can only be seen by people within your organization.

How do I see other people’s custom Status?

You’ll see someone’s custom Status when you run a search, chat with them, or have them as a recent contact in your Dialpad sidebar.

How many different Presence state types are there?

There are five different Presence state types: available, on a call, in an Dialpad UberConference conference call, Do Not Disturb, and in a meeting.

How do I set a custom Status?

You can set a custom status by clicking ‘Set your status’ by your avatar, selecting one of the four options, or creating your own Status.

What happens if I’m away, but I do not set my Status?

Your Status will show you as available unless your time away has been booked in your calendar.