Post Call Automation

From automatically logging call summaries in Salesforce or HubSpot to generating automated call notes that include key takeaways and action items, Dialpad's Post Call Automation helps sales reps streamline the sales process and close more deals.

Call Transcripts

What information did the prospect request? What were the terms the sales rep agreed to again? Post Call Automation helps to transcribe conversations into written words for a record of who said what and when. The call transcript is also keyword searchable, so reps can easily find the specific parts of the conversation to recall exactly what was said. 

Action Items and Moments

Taking notes can be a distraction—especially when the sales reps should be focusing on building rapport, answering objections, and closing deals. Post Call Automation provides a list of key action items and moments captured during the call, so reps don’t have to jot down notes or create to-do lists in midst the conversation. Outstanding items and next steps are also being tracked so they can revisit after the call. 

Call Summary

A lot happens in a sales call, and that used to be difficult to keep track of when the sales rep is trying to focus on the conversation. Post Call Automation logs the Call Summary into the CRM automatically, ensuring a full and detailed record of all of the reps' interactions with customers and prospects. 

Total Mobility

Built on a cloud-based architecture, Dialpad Sell provides the sales reps with total mobility across their laptops, smartphones, and tablets—no desk phone required. They can take calls on the go, accommodate customers in different timezones, follow up on details between meetings, and never miss an opportunity to connect with a prospect—no matter where they are.