Dialpad's unified communications platform with international offices' phone numbers

International offices

With Dialpad, quickly and easily spin up international offices and enjoy crystal clear cloud communications from virtually anywhere. IT teams and office managers can admin all your offices and keep everyone connected on one platform. Try it for free!

Spin up new offices quickly

Whether you’re doubling down on customer service in EMEA or eyeing up growing markets in APAC, Dialpad makes it easy to set up an office virtually anywhere there’s an internet connection. Putting your international teams on the same communications platform means it’s easier to communicate with them, collaborate effectively, and beat time zones to meet deadlines.

Better international calling

Dialpad is built on an intelligent global network of data centers that are designed specifically to allow our customers to enjoy a level of call clarity that can be difficult to achieve internationally using other communications platforms—especially for small businesses. It means that, regardless of location, your international teams experience call quality that’s free from jitter and lag. Remote and international teams stay productive, and customers can stay happy. Learn more about international calling with Dialpad.

Simple remote administration

Managing the phone system of your international offices is easy. Administrators simply toggle between those offices where they have all the same access to features and permissions they do in local offices. You can easily add or remove users, create departments, and more. That’s the beauty of Dialpad cloud-based communications—with no devices or complicated infrastructure, your phone system moves at the speed of your business.

👉 Fun fact:

With Dialpad, any Dialpad-to-Dialpad call is free—regardless of location, even if the parties are in different countries. That means you don't have to pay long-distance rates between international offices!

FAQs about international offices with Dialpad

How many international offices can I have per account?

Dialpad's Pro plan lets you add up to 10 offices, and the Dialpad Enterprise plan has unlimited offices. See our pricing page for more details.

How many users can I have in each international office?

Can any user set up an international office in Dialpad?

Do long distance rates apply between international offices?

Can I restrict my international employees from using some features of Dialpad, such as international calling?

Can I have calls rerouted from between my offices worldwide?

Can I transfer a call to an international employee?