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How Continental Stock Transfer and Trust expects to save 40% annually with Dialpad

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As the third largest stock transfer agent in North America, Continental Stock Transfer and Trust is well known (to more than 2.5 million worldwide shareholders of mid-sized companies) for their high level of client and shareholder satisfaction.

In the past three years, Continental has handled more than 60% of all US IPOs brought to market. And they’ve seen record growth year over year.

But in 2021, their legacy communications platform was no longer supported by their provider. They had two options—get forced into their provider’s new third-party communications platform, or switch to a completely different provider altogether.

“We’re expecting to save 40% annually with Dialpad”

John Torres, Vice President and Director of Customer Communications shares what this process looked like. “I started with a vendor service provider list of about eight options and quickly narrowed that down,” John says. Continental’s technology advisor, Smart Flys, highly recommended Dialpad.

“Dialpad had its own contact center solution, and could give us both contact center and voice functionality. We didn’t want to have to deal with two different vendors, especially providers who resell UCaaS and CCaaS services.”

At the time, Continental had been with their legacy provider for about 10 years. Not only was the technology obsolete, but it was also costly. “We’re expecting to save 40% annually with Dialpad,” says John.

Beyond the cost savings, Dialpad’s technology and simple user experience also stood out to John. “We’ve been noticing our competition building convoluted websites and IVR menus that are hard to use. Instead of falling into the trap of building barriers to service, we wanted to continue differentiating ourselves from our competitors with our ease of use,” John says.

“So, we decided to go with Dialpad.”

Although Continental only recently implemented Dialpad, the process was easy and they went live with Dialpad in just six weeks.

“I didn’t want to go through a major learning curve to just modify call routes, flows, and scripts. Because of Dialpad’s ease of use and ease of IVR setup, we went from 18 contact centers to seven,” John says. “Everything’s written in clean, simple language that’s easy to understand.”

Continental’s team loves how easy it is to use Dialpad from wherever they are. “We’re still in a hybrid work environment. A lot of our staff really enjoy being able to answer calls from their mobile device or laptop, because they didn’t have the ability to do that on the previous platform.” John says.

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time

Streamlined call coaching with AI transcriptions and QA scorecards

One feature that works really well for Continental’s call center team is QA scorecards. “With Dialpad, we were able to fully build out the scorecard process,” John says.

Already, the team is seeing the benefits of this more-robust scorecard process. In fact, Continental's team was able to triple the amount of calls scored from 15 to 60 calls per week.

“Our managers can read the transcript, listen to the call, and watch the screen to understand what’s going on in the call. Then, the call is scored against 19 different points and the managers can send that scorecard to the agent so they can watch their own screens and listen to the call,” John says:

Screenshot of Dialpads QA scorecards showing agent performance

“Scorecards have been very impactful in changing their behaviors to be in line with what we’re trying to accomplish with the customer experience.”

Live transcriptions are also useful to Continental’s team during calls. “With transcriptions, our inbound team of call center agents can respond to customers and help them more accurately,” John says:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time

“Previously, we had to write down call notes, which posed a risk of incorrect information and inefficiency.”

What’s next: Sugar CRM integration, Google Workspace, and Ai CSAT

Now that Continental’s team is starting to experience some ways Dialpad can help them coach calls and enhance the customer experience, they’re looking to explore more features like Ai CSAT. They are also looking to integrate their Sugar CRM and Google Workspace with Dialpad.

“We’ll probably start to implement Ai CSAT by the end of Q3,” John says.

We can’t wait to see how Continental takes advantage of even more Dialpad features and integrations to help their team serve their customers better.

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