Dialpad Changelog

Additions and changes to the Dialpad platform

Whats New

Release Round Up

Custom Ai Playbooks

  • Custom Ai Playbooks allows users to create customized playbooks. It provides real-time guidance on customer calls, Ai generated summarization, and valuable analytics to enhance and streamline processes.

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SMS delivery receipts analytics

  • We've added delivery receipts analytics for your SMS direct messages, allowing you to see the number of messages that were successfully sent, delivered or failed. You can view this on the Texts tab under your office's analytics.

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New extension options

  • Enjoy the ability to have a 4, 5, or 6-digit extension for your users or shared lines.

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WebHID for Dialpad App

  • WebHID integration is now available for the Dialpad desktop app! Easily add headsets right from your Hardware Settings menu. Control calls straight from your WebHID compliant headset!

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Mainline caller ID for Outbound Call to IVR APIs

  • Customize your caller ID for outbound calls to connect customers to IVRs via Public API.

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IVR Workflows Media Management

  • Display media files, uploaded or recorded, that are used in your IVR Workflows along with delete and copy functions.

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Whats New

Release Round Up

Ai-Powered Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Redaction

  • Adding another element to Dialpad’s robust privacy and security practices, PII redaction automatically redacts PII from call and meeting transcripts in real time, keeping customer data secure.

  • The redaction includes SSN/SIN, credit card number and cvv codes.

  • To enroll in the Early Adopter Program, please sign up via this form or contact your account manager.

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Download Screen Recording

  • When a Coaching Team has a Dialpad Meeting, users are now able to download both the video and the audio! Previously, you could only download the audio.

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Call Disposition improvement

  • If a Contact Center is set to receive inbound calls only, the call disposition window will not appear for outbound calls.

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Call Quality in Call Review

  • Your Call Review page now has a Quality section, providing information on key quality indicators such as jitter, packet loss, bitrate, and latency.

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Release Round Up 02

Release Round Up


  • DialpadGPT is a proprietary, privacy-focused, and enterprise ready LLM that will power new generative AI features such as Ai Recaps (instant call summaries), Ai Playbooks (automated call guidance), and a next-gen chatbot experience to drive digital deflection.

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Summer App Refresh

  • The summer app refresh brings new updates that uplevel your Dialpad experience, including Dark Mode, redesigned call controls, messaging threading, and more!

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New IVR Workflows

  • Contact Center Supervisors and Admins can now easily create customized flows to create a personalized experience for their clients, and get granular on specific customer pain points.

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Release Round Up 02

Release Round Up

Ai Recaps on Demand

  • We've added on-demand functionality for Ai Recaps! Users in the Ai Recap Early Adopter program will now see a "Generate Ai Recap" button in the Web Call History.

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Inbox Improvements

  • It's now easier to understand your inbox! Messages in the “Messages” tab of your Inbox are now grouped by contact rather than just a running list of all messages.

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New Salesforce In-Queue Callback Settings

  • Enjoy a brand new setting that allows agents to be called first before reaching out to a customer that requested a callback.

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Manual Contact Matching in Salesforce

  • When Manual contact matching is enabled, Dialpad will always ask the user to confirm what entity (Contact, Lead, Account, or Case) the call should be logged against in Salesforce.

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Release Round Up 02

Release Round Up

Introducing Ai Scorecards

  • Ai Scorecards streamline lengthy QA processes by automatically suggesting when scorecard criteria is met in an agent conversation.

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New calling experience on Android

  • We've rebuilt the active Android call experience from the ground up with a more reliable architecture and a modern, clean, and convenient user interface.

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Set Ai Contact Center agents to Off Duty automatically

  • When an agent manually logs out of the application they are using, their agent state will automatically be changed to Off Duty, ensuring customers will not be sent their way.

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Coaching Teams dispositions

  • Dialpad Ai Contact Center supervisors now have the ability to limit Trainees to one disposition code, to simplify the process of logging dispositions and notes in your CRM system.

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RTA and Moments Bulk Add

  • We recently added a more user friendly workflow for supervisors and admins to add trigger words and phrases to RTA Cards and Moments.

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Loud announcement apr 2023 1

Dialpad Ai Recap

Say hello to Ai Recaps 👋🏼

  • Dialpad Ai Recaps generate a short, scannable recap of each Ai enabled call, meeting, and customer engagement that's translated into conversational text by ChatGPT.

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Release Round Up 02

Release Round Up


  • Log notes and calls, match incoming calls to existing records, and create new records in ServiceNow directly from the integrations sidebar.

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  • Create new leads and contacts, log calls, and access your Dialpad call details in Copper.

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  • Seamlessly sync your agent status between the Dialpad for Salesforce CTI and Salesforce Omni-channel so agents are always prepared to answer their calls.

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Email channel

  • Connect your email and allow for workflow automation, skills-based routing, as well as traditional formatting options.

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Apple Messages for Business

  • Directly message customers using the Messages app to get Ai-powered automation workflows and analytics, self-service options, and seamless skills-based live chat routing.

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Catch The Latest

  • Register for this new installment of The Latest to get a firsthand look at how to provide a more connected and responsive customer experience with Dialpad!

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Release Round Up 02

Release Round Up

Dialpad's Ai Powered Customer Intelligence Platform

  • Dialpad's Ai Powered Customer Intelligence Platform is built to unify customer service, sales communication, and employee collaboration.

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Simpler, smoother meetings at your fingertips

  • Improvements to the menu bar and more shortcuts to enable controls and settings.

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“Monitor All Contact Center” improvements

  • Dialpad's Monitor All Call Centers view makes managing multiple Call Centers is a piece of cake.

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Supervisor Call Assignment

  • Contact Center Supervisors can now easily assign incoming calls to specific agents to streamline call flows and ensure agents with the most appropriate knowledge handle specific customer inquiries.

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Dialpad Meetings Live View for Coaching Teams

  • Ensure quality of service by viewing your agent’s Dialpad meetings in real time. Coaches and supervisors can easily view live transcripts or enter meetings to support agents and improve the customer experience.

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App refresh

New Design

  • Threading in Channels

  • New Header

  • New Sounds, new font, new icons

  • New collapsible left panel, to allow focus mode

  • New Insights panel/contact profile

Release Round Up 02

Release Round Up

Screen recording in Call Summary Views

  • Screen recording can now be accessed in call summary views, providing enhanced QA Scorecard feature functionality. Graders can now watch the agent screen and listen to audio while grading a call.

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COMING SOON | End of November

New Design

  • Threading in Channels

  • New Header

  • New Sounds, new font, new icons

  • New collapsible left panel, to allow focus mode

  • New Insights panel [right rail]

  • Search improvements

For more information on how to enable these models with Dialpad, contact your CSM or visit our Help Center article.

Release Round Up 02

Release Round Up

Dialpad Agent Assist

  • With Ai Agent Assist, our customers empower agents with all of the organization’s knowledge at their fingertips.

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New Changes to Contact Center Analytics Definitions

  • We updated our analytics definitions, which will now show up in your reporting instances.

>> Take a look at the changes here

Monitor All Coaching Teams

  • Coaches can now see all trainees and their active calls in a single view, save filters for specific teams, and filter by name or status.

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Release Round Up 02

Microsoft Teams with License-Free Routing

New Dialpad App for Microsoft Teams with License-Free Routing

  • Call, text, and bring the power of AI directly into Microsoft Teams

  • No extra licensing or apps required

Learn how ⬇ https://www.dialpad.com/microsoft-teams-integration/

Read the blog ⬇ https://www.dialpad.com/microsoft-teams-integration/ ;

Visit the App Marketplace ⬇ https://www.dialpad.com/app-marketplace/microsoft-teams/

Release Round Up 02

Release Round Up

Meeting Delegation for Google Calendar

  • Dialpad Meetings now enables users to schedule meetings on behalf of others.

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Spanish Ai Support

  • Dialpad is now expanding AI-enabled language transcription and recording capabilities to Spanish.

>> For more information, contact your CSM or learn more


Apple Business Chat

  • Dialpad is expanding our digital offering to include Apple Business Chat as a supported digital channel.

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Agent Coaching with QA Scorecards

  • Supervisors can now create and manage QA scorecards ensuring quality of service with better coaching.

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Release Round Up 02

Release Round Up

How do you use AI to collect customer feedback?

  • The best way to understand customer sentiment is to ask your customers directly - but only 5% of customers fill out post-call surveys. Want to know how to collect the other 95% of responses? It’s easy - use AI.

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Want to see what Dialpad Talk can do? Take a tour!

  • Our new Demo Center is constantly being updated - take a guided tour through the Dialpad Talk interface to see how you can do more in Dialpad - call, message and meet, all from your favorite app!

>> Watch the demo

Release Round Up 02

Support for Yealink desk phones

Dialpad is now offering support for Yealink SIP desk phones, allowing you to maximize any hardware investments as you make the migration to Dialpad softphone on any of your devices. Support extends to the following models:

  • Yealink SIP-T33G
  • Yealink SIP-T46U
  • Yealink SIP-T48U
  • Yealink SIP-T54W

For more information on how to enable these models with Dialpad, contact your CSM or visit our Help Center article.


The latest evolution of Dialpad’s Ai Contact Center: Customer Intelligence.

  • Develop a rich picture Combine all interaction data such as customer satisfaction and agent performance for the context you need to improve the customer experience.
  • Act on insights Empower teams, supervisors, managers, and agents to take action with real intelligence and drive change in the business.

This launch brings the first of its kind to the contact center market: real-time Ai CSAT—providing organizations of all sizes with the ability to measure their CSAT on 100% of principal interactions.

Try it now ⬇


Learn more ⬇


ICYMI Blog Blog Meta Updated

Release Round Up

Dialpad for Salesforce

  • Manually log your call in Dialpad to an existing Salesforce contact, lead, or account match in the Dialpad sidebar integration with the new enhanced search functionality.
  • We’ve added a new Dialpad Call Log object in Salesforce with no field limitations. This new object reduces duplicate records when using call reporting and streamlines call activity records.
  • Configure your own fields (including custom fields) in Salesforce activity records to hold specific call data.
  • Record your calls, create new caller account records, and manually search for records in Salesforce to map to Dialpad Contacts via the Dialpad for Salesforce CTI.

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ICYMI Blog Blog Meta Updated

Release Round Up

  • Video meetings in mobile browser - Guests can now join a Dialpad Meeting from any browser. Easy click-to-join access with no app download required.
ICYMI Blog Blog Meta Updated

Release Round Up

  • Virtual Backgrounds - Add personalization to your video calls and blur your background or select a virtual background.
ICYMI Blog Blog Meta Updated

Release Round Up

ICYMI Whats New Feed

Release Round Up

  • Playvox Partnership - Extend your contact center with Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) capabilities

Get the full recap

ICYMI Whats New Feed

Release Round Up

  • Meeting Notes - View a transcript in real-time while you're in a meeting

  • Miro integration - Collaborate in a shared interactive space without needing to navigate away to another application

  • Emoji Reactions - Quickly communicate, reinforce points without interruption, and build a sense of camaraderie with your team

Get the full recap

ICYMI Whats New Feed

Release Round Up

  • Dialpad Channels - a fully searchable, topic-based messaging tool new to your left sidebar
  • Video Meetings in Dialpad - Start and join video meetings from any direct message, group message, or channel. It’s natively built-in, so you don’t have to switch between apps or windows.
  • Screensharing while on a Call - No need to start a meeting! Share your screen while on a Dialpad call, whether everyone is a Dialpad user or not.
Release Roundup Email SFDC CTI

Release Round Up

Release Roundup Email Mar

Release Round Up

Release Roundup Email JAN

Release Round Up: January

  • Call Highlights: Improve your post-call workflows even more by viewing a quick recap of the call

  • Redesigned left bar: New design makes it easier to view, sort, and personalize conversations

  • Screen Pop: Give your agents access to all of the data they need about a customer — all contained in a single view
Release Roundup October Whats New

Release Round Up: November

Gg Brl MIQ

Release Round Up: October

Release Roundup SEP Whats New

Release Round Up: September

Release Roundup August Whats New

Release Round Up: August

Jabra Whats New

Clearer Conversations with Jabra

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Jabra to provide top-of-the-line audio using Jabra headsets on the Dialpad platform.

Release Roundup July Whats New

Release Round Up: July

  • Wallboard: Project metrics in fullscreen mode to keep track of what’s happening

  • Dialpad UberConference: New layout and custom action items to keep track of next steps

  • Custom Moments: Add to any call center to automatically track, capture, and receive alerts
Release Roundup June Whats New

Release Round Up: June

ICYMI June Whats New

ICYMI: May releases

CC Whats New 2x

Meet Dialpad Contact Center 🎉

Previously known as Dialpad Support, it’s the solution that enables your agents to be the subject matter experts your customers depend on, at scale, from anywhere in the world.

ICYMI May Whats New

ICYMI: April releases

ICYMI April Whats New

ICYMI: March releases

  • Local Presence: Sell reps can use a local number as the caller ID

  • Screen Capture: record your agent’s screen once their call connects

  • Analytics: pull data on more than one user and group
ICYMI Whats New March

ICYMI: February releases

ICYMI Whats New Feed

ICYMI: January releases

From giving you more power to customize your working hours to building a library of calls to help coach your team, take a look at what's new.

Rebrand Announcement Whats New 2x

Introducing our new brand ✨

Our logo has changed from a one-dimensional audio wave to a new image that represents more than just a dial-tone.
Ring Ring Whatsnew

Boogie Down with Disco Clav 🎶

We've added some custom ringtones to your desktop app. Check 'em out or add your own under your App Settings.
Whats New Default Homepage 2x 1

Get There Faster

Now you can select the default page you see when you login to dialpad.com. Just select this option from your Profile.
New Languages Whats New Final2x

More Ways to Say Hello

We've added a bunch of new languages to your system greeting for both shared lines and individual users.
Team Management Whats New 1

Say 👋 to Easier User Management

We’ve made some changes to your User page to make managing people, permissions, and numbers way less work.
Azure Launch Whats New

Automate with Azure

Now you can automatically assign Dialpad licenses via Active Directory. That's what we call an IT win :raised_hands:
Whats New Analytics

All Together Now

Your Dialpad UberConference calls are now automatically included in analytics giving you the full picture of your team's activity.
Hubspot Launch Whats New 1

Voice + CRM Together Again

Keep your sales records clean and improve your workflows with our new HubSpot integration.
RSS Feed Zapier

Zap Your Workflows ⚡️

Build time saving workflows by letting your apps talk to each other with the new Zapier integration.