Business Phone for Construction Companies

For a construction business, work happens in multiple places. From the office to the construction sites, it’s essential that employees are able to be reached at all times. When a client or potential customer calls, construction managers need to be reachable. This is why a reliable, mobile-friendly phone system is essential for construction companies who are on the go.

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Why does a construction company need a phone system?

Construction managers are communicating with a lot of people at once on projects. They usually have multiple employees at sites physically working to bring projects to life. They’re also coordinating with clients and suppliers to provide updates and manage expectations. Plus, the construction industry is competitive, and potential clients could be calling. If a manager is unable to answer or return a call, this could mean losing business to competitors.

For these reasons, construction companies need a reliable, mobile phone system to connect with their employees, partners, and clients.

Dialpad’s intuitive interface makes it fast to set up your call routing. Whether you have someone answering the phone at the office or not, Dialpad makes it easy to ensure calls get answered quickly. Dialpad offers multiple routing options so calls get picked up by the right managers and employees every time.

Dialpad’s phone system has everything a construction manager needs to answer calls efficiently and effectively. With easy call forwarding and call controls like transfer, hold, and mute, manufacturing businesses are able to move calls to the appropriate department or employee effortlessly.

Dialpad was built for every employee whether they sit at a desk or they’re out at the site. Dialpad has an intuitive desktop app, iOS, and Android app for simultaneous ringing to devices and even allows calls to be switched between devices without interruption.

Top Features that Matter to Construction Companies

Customized Call Routing

Every call counts when starting and finishing construction projects. Having multiple, customized call routing options allows clients to easily connect to the right person or department.

Simultaneous Ring and Device Switching

Dialpad Talk lets construction managers ring all their devices at once so they never miss a call. Additionally, if they happen to take the call in the office but want to move the call to their mobile phone, Dialpad makes it quick and easy to switch the call to their cell phone without interruption.

Call Transcripts and Unlimited Recording

It can be difficult to hear what’s being said on a phone call at a construction site. Luckily, Dialpad’s call transcripts provide a written record of what was said, by whom, date, time, and duration. Dialpad also offers free, unlimited call recording so construction managers can review calls later. With call transcripts and call recordings, construction managers have access to a written record of their calls to confirm project next steps and expectations.

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"Our employees love Dialpad's ability to move from device to device."

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Dialpad Talk Pricing


$15USD/mo/user (billed annually)

$20 USD if billed monthly
1 License Minimum
Free 14-Day Trial
  • Unlimited calling2
  • Unlimited SMS & MMS1
  • Call controls (Transfer, Hold, Mute)
  • Custom Voicemail Greeting
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • G Suite & Office 365 Integrations
  • Fax (add-on)1
  • Custom Off Hours Routing


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100 License Minimum
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  • All Pro plan features plus:
  • Okta Integration
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

1 Only available in the United States and Canada.
2 Unlimited inbound and outbound calls within your country, the US and Canada. For other locations please see our international rates.