Business Phone for Churches and Religious Organizations

Dialpad is a reliable, mobile, scalable, and versatile cloud phone system perfect for churches and religious organizations. With smart routing and robust mobility functionalities, Dialpad helps members at your congregation stay connected.

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Why Churches Choose Dialpad

From planning sermons and events to working on expanding their fellowships, leaders at churches and religious organizations often have a lot to manage. A smart cloud phone system like Dialpad can be a tremendous administrative asset. Dialpad’s advanced routing capabilities can assist callers to reach the right party, and the virtual receptionist functionality can be programmed to help answer simple questions such as the location and hours of the church.

Since clergy leaders usually don't work behind a desk throughout the day, they have the option to answer incoming calls to the church on their cell phones with Dialpad's mobility features. Having a phone system that goes where they go can help the priests and ministers be available to community leaders and members when they call. 

Churches and religious organizations also love Dialpad because of the cloud phone system's ease of setup, management, and use. You can add a new user in a matter of minutes and learn to use the platform in the same amount of time. Churches and religious organizations typically don't have a dedicated IT team as many companies do, and they certainly wouldn't need to with a phone system like Dialpad. 

Most Valuable Business Phone Features for Churches

The right cloud phone features can help save your organization time and money. Here are some of the most valuable ones for churches and religious groups.

Call Routing

Efficient call transfer, hold, and mute ensure members of the fellowship get to the right department or church leader everytime.

Simultaneous Ring and Device Switching

Dialpad Talk enables church leaders to ring all their devices at once so they never miss a call. Additionally, if they happen to take the call in the office but want to move the call to their mobile phone, Dialpad makes it quick and easy to switch the call to their cell phone without interruption.

Affordable, Straight-Forward Pricing

The Dialpad Talk phone system is affordable with no hidden fees or per minute fees. With Dialpad, members of the church can call without hesitation since we offer unlimited inbound calling minutes in the US & Canada. Want to follow up on a member’s voicemail? No problem. Dialpad also offers 3,000 free outbound calling minutes so you can call back without acquiring outbound per minute fees.

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"Our employees love Dialpad's ability to move from device to device."

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Dialpad Talk Pricing


$15USD/mo/user (billed annually)

$20 USD if billed monthly
1 License Minimum
Free 14-Day Trial
  • Unlimited calling2
  • Unlimited SMS & MMS1
  • Call controls (Transfer, Hold, Mute)
  • Custom Voicemail Greeting
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • G Suite & Office 365 Integrations
  • Fax (add-on)1
  • Custom Off Hours Routing


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100 License Minimum
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  • All Pro plan features plus:
  • Okta Integration
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

1 Only available in the United States and Canada.
2 Unlimited inbound and outbound calls within your country, the US and Canada. For other locations please see our international rates.