Business Phone for Auto Repair Shops

People are very selective when it comes to choosing an auto shop to repair and maintain their cars. Part of providing a stellar experience and attracting return customers is to ensure professional and timely communication, which is why having a reliable and mobile business phone system is essential for auto shops.

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How Can Auto Shops Benefit from a Great Business Phone

As auto repair shops strive to provide the best experience for their customers, they often face a unique challenge-- most team members don't work behind a desk. Even though a front-desk receptionist could easily help to handle the calls regarding scheduling an appointment, only an actual mechanic could help to answer some of the more technical questions a customer might have before coming into the shop. Thanks to its simplicity, flexibility, and mobility, Dialpad Talk is a great business phone system for auto repair shops.

First of all, Dialpad Talk does not require a landline phone to operate. As a VoIP phone system, Dialpad can be used on any device with an internet connection. Whether the employees are at the front desk or out repairing cars, they could easily access incoming business phone calls on the devices they have nearby.

Dialpad has an intuitive interface that's simple, slick, and straightforward. From desktop to iOS to Android, the Dialpad app is extremely easy to use regardless of operating system or device. Since employees could choose to make or answer customer calls on their personal smartphone via the mobile app, this makes things even more familiar and hassle-free.

Last but not least, Dialpad provides some of the best features to help route, transfer, and move calls so that every customer call can be properly handled by the right personnel. For auto shops that don't have a full time receptionist, Dialpad offers a virtual receptionist as well as multiple routing options such as call forwarding and call transfer to make sure customer calls get managed efficiently and effectively.

Top Business Phone Features for Auto Shops

While there are numerous features that would help an auto shop deliver a positive customer experience, below are three tops ones that really come in handy:

Call Routing

Ensuring efficient call transfer so that customers can reach the right person without getting redirected multiple times.

Simultaneous Ring and Call Flip:

Dialpad Talk lets auto shop employees ring all their devices at once so they never miss a call. Additionally, if they happen to take the call in the office but want to move the call to their mobile phone, Dialpad makes it quick and easy to switch the call to your cell phone without interruption.

Holiday Hours

Auto shops might not be open during the holidays or might have specific hours of operation. Dialpad makes it easy to set up customized holiday hours so customer calls always get routed appropriately and no call falls through the cracks.

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