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Top Gong alternatives for your sales teams in 2024

Shabnam Kakar

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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If you work in sales, you’ve probably heard of Gong. Their marketing game is strong, and after years of Superbowl ads and their employees posting constantly on LinkedIn, Gong has become a household name.

That being said, no tool is a one-size-fits-all solution, and there are many excellent alternatives to Gong out there depending on what specific features your sales team needs.

We’ll admit it—we’re a bit biased, since we’re one of those Gong competitors. But we'll show you why we think Dialpad Ai Sales Center is a strong alternative, and we’ll also highlight a few other good options that might better suit your sales org’s needs.

Let’s take a closer look at what Gong actually does, why you might be considering alternatives to Gong, and how to assess them.

What is Gong and what can it help you with?

Gong has branded itself as a revenue intelligence platform that helps you engage customers and forecast more accurately.

It also records and analyzes sales calls, meetings, and emails using artificial intelligence, with the objective of providing insights into your sales interactions and helping reps improve their communication and close deals more effectively.

Why might you want to consider Gong alternatives?

While it’s a popular tool for many sales teams, there are a few reasons you might want to explore alternatives to Gong:

  1. You want more transparent pricing: Gong's advanced features do generally come at a premium cost—and you won’t know what that cost is until you provide your contact information to their sales team. If you want more transparency or would just prefer to know what you’re paying for upfront, some of Gong’s competitors have their pricing listed on the website.

  2. You have omnichannel communication needs: With Gong, you’re recording and getting insights from sales calls by adding it on top of whatever video conferencing platform or phone system you’re paying for. (Gong shows up as an “attendee” on your call to record and take notes.) Some of the Gong alternatives below have the sales AI built right into a unified communications solution, which means you can have phone calls and video calls, send SMS/MMS, message your team, coach reps, and more—all from a single pane of glass.

  3. You want real-time insights, not post-mortems: Gong is a good tool for analyzing calls post-mortem, but some sales AI solutions will let sales managers review calls and coach reps as those conversations are happening.

How we assessed these Gong alternatives

Before we dive into the alternatives, here are the key criteria we used to rank them against Gong and each other:

  1. Feature comparison: We looked at the features offered by each Gong competitor and how well they align with a sales team’s needs. For example, we evaluated where they had things like call recording, real-time transcription, sentiment analysis, and a wide variety of integrations.

  2. User experience: We looked at each Gong alternative’s user interface and overall user experience of each platform, since a tool that’s intuitive and easy to navigate can significantly improve your team's adoption and efficiency.

  3. Integration possibilities: We looked at the integration options available with each alternative, since most sales teams are using a decent-size tech stack that includes internal and external communications tools, CRMs, and so on.

  4. Customer support: Does the Gong competitor have 24/7 global customer support, and not just over live chat?

  5. Cost and value: We looked at pricing (if the company provides it freely) for each alternative in relation to the features and value they’re providing.

5 Gong competitors to consider for your sales team

Okay, let's look at the five top Gong alternatives for sales teams.

1. Dialpad Ai Sales Center

Dialpad Ai Sales Center isn’t just an AI-powered sales intelligence solution.

It’s a true omnichannel communications platform that lets you communicate through every channel—both with prospects externally and teammates internally—in a single app:

Screenshot of Dialpads live call interface with real time transcription running

Why consider it as a Gong alternative?

Backed by its powerful proprietary artificial intelligence, Dialpad Ai, which has analyzed over six billion minutes of business conversations, Dialpad can transcribe sales calls in real time:

Screenshot of Dialpads call interface with Dialpad Ai running a live transcript which includes an automated note to speak slower

Not only that, Dialpad Ai can also analyze the sentiment of calls in real time. This means that sales managers who are overseeing large teams of reps can easily spot if a call is going sideways, or if they need to jump in to help a new rep on a discovery call.

If they see that a call’s sentiment is turning negative, they can quickly open up the running transcript to get more context before deciding whether they need to jump into the call:

Screenshot of Dialpads interface displaying the sentiment of live calls at a glance

Dialpad Ai also powers the Ai Agent Assist feature, which gives your sales team real-time coaching—at scale. Dialpad Ai automatically searches all your connected knowledge bases (everything from websites to call histories to internal reference libraries) to instantly find answers for reps as they’re talking to prospects.

This way, even if you just onboarded a fresh batch of SDRs, you can get them on the phones and help them feel confident that they can tackle a variety of questions from prospects:

Screenshot of Dialpads interface showing a real time assist card popping up with information on cancellation during a live call

Even after the call, Dialpad Ai helps with coaching and performance. The Ai Scorecards feature analyzes your reps’ calls and suggests whether or not your sales scorecard criteria was met (did they ask about budget, decision-makers, and timelines?), which takes the cognitive load off supervisors and lets them do QA faster for a larger number of customer conversations—which ultimately improves rep performance and shortens sales cycles:

Ai Scorecard example blog size

And of course, sales teams can use Dialpad anywhere, on any device—there’s a mobile app, desktop app, and a web browser (which lets prospects join demo calls without having to download anything).


The Ai Sales Essential plan starts at $60 per month on an annual plan, and includes live AI call transcription, call management features (like whisper and barge), IVR, coaching teams, and more. The Advanced plan starts at $95 per month and gives you the Salesforce power dialer and Real-Time Assists as well, while the Premium plan starts at $150 per month and adds on Ai Scorecards and Ai CSAT.

2. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is part of the popular HubSpot suite of sales, marketing, and support tools.

Although it does have a neat AI tool for writing sales emails and useful features like meeting scheduling, it doesn’t seem to have the same level of AI-driven insights and coaching features that Dialpad Ai Sales Center or Gong have. It also doesn’t provide any information about what its sales AI is trained on or whether it’s using a third-party tool (that may not be specifically built for AI in sales) to provide its conversation intelligence features.1

Why consider it as a Gong alternative?

If your team is already using a lot of HubSpot’s tools, then it makes sense to keep everything in the same ecosystem and integrated with HubSpot Sales Hub. It also offers some features Gong doesn’t have, like email tracking, meeting scheduling, and document sharing capabilities.


HubSpot Sales Hub does have a free plan with extremely limited features, and the tiers then go to Starter at $20 per month per seat, Professional at $100 per month per seat, and Enterprise at $150 per month per seat.2

3. Outreach

Outreach is a sales engagement platform designed to streamline and automate sales workflows. Its focus is a bit different from the Gong alternatives we looked at—Outreach is mostly used for optimizing communication with prospects through personalized outreach, email sequencing, and analytics.

If you need to set up a prospecting email campaign, you would use Outreach. Its AI-powered features are designed to help reps with prospecting, prioritizing leads, and improving response rates. It’s a popular choice for high-velocity sales teams.

Why consider it as a Gong alternative?

If you’re specifically looking for a sales tool that supports cold outreach and prospecting email campaigns, Outreach would be a good Gong alternative because Gong is less focused on the execution side of sales emails and more on the insights.


None listed on their website. You have to reach out to their sales team for a custom quote.3

4. Salesloft

Salesloft is another sales engagement solution that is built to help sales teams engage with their prospects at scale. Like Gong, it’s decided to market itself using different words, calling itself a “revenue orchestration” platform.

With features designed to address pipeline management and forecasting accuracy, Salesloft is focused on the data side of sales as opposed to campaign building and prospect communications compared to other Gong alternatives.

Why consider it as a Gong alternative?

If for whatever reason you don’t like Gong, or are just curious about what a good alternative looks like, it’s worth checking out Salesloft. It’s quite close to the “revenue intelligence” benefits that Gong claims, and provides similarly robust “critical deal information” that you’d expect from a CRM solution. If you’re looking for a solution that combines conversational insights with a communications platform though, Dialpad Ai Sales Center would be a better fit.


None listed on their website. You have to reach out to their sales team for a custom quote.4

5. ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo is probably most well known for being an email address database and letting sales reps dig up contact details of prospects for cold outreach campaigns.

But it’s changed a lot in the last few years. ZoomInfo today positions itself as more of a sales intelligence platform that helps sales teams uncover insights about prospects. (Having that access to tens of millions of contacts probably helps.)

ZoomInfo also bought, a tool that, like Dialpad and Gong, can transcribe calls—though it doesn’t do it in real time.

Why consider it as a Gong alternative?

In terms of robustness of contact data, ZoomInfo has most other sales intelligence companies beat. So if you’re looking for a Gong alternative that can also give your reps a huge directory of prospects to reach out to, ZoomInfo might be a good option.

Its AI features don’t seem to be quite as robust or varied as either Dialpad or Gong though, so if you want real-time AI sales coaching, scoring, and keyword tracking, it would be best to try out all three to get a good sense of how they compare to each other.


None listed on their website. You have to reach out to their sales team for a custom quote.5

6. Productlane

Productlane has developed its own call recorder that is built to leverage sales call recordings for overall product success. Customer feedback and feature requests addressed in sales calls are seamlessly synced with Linear, the modern alternative to Jira. Closing the feedback loop and knowing what to promise to customers in sales calls therefore becomes a lot easier.

Productlane also provides their call recorder with a shared support inbox, which allows your teams to follow up after calls without losing context.

Why consider it as a Gong alternative?

Productlane offers a compelling alternative to, as it breaks up the silos between sales and product development teams. It integrates seamlessly into its broader platform designed to enhance product development through direct user feedback and collaborative tools. This integration facilitates better team collaboration, streamlined insights, and ensures that feedback and feature requests are directly actionable.

Productlane is especially relevant for you if you are building a modern digital product and use Linear as your issue tracker.


Productlane's basic features are available to everyone in the free plan, which allows to to already use the Linear integrations and use the call recorder. The pro plan starts from 39$ a month per user and includes unlimited call recordings!

Which Gong alternative is best for your sales team?

While Gong has established itself as a leader in conversation analytics for sales teams, it does have a few gaps in terms of features.

If after talking to their sales team, you discover that their pricing isn’t for you, there are a few good alternatives to Gong that are worth exploring, each of which has its own unique advantages.

For sales teams that are looking for a robust AI solution (that’s trained specifically on business conversations, not just a huge general data set), Dialpad Ai Sales Center is a top Gong alternative that gives you as robust—if not better—conversational insights, in real-time (which Gong doesn’t do). All built right into a communications platform that lets your sales team talk to prospects and teammates on any channel they want.

See how it works with a product tour!

Check out Dialpad Ai Sales Center as an alternative

Book a demo and learn how Ai Sales Center can simplify coaching, track adherence, automatically monitor customer satisfaction, and more!