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Our step-by-step process

1. Planning phase

Project plan

Network assessment

Device plan

Carrier plan (user list and porting)

2. Design phase

Admin training

Early access program training

Solution design workshop

Network reassessment

3. Deploy phase

Confirmation of port date

End user training

Preliminary testing (IVR)

4. Go live phase

Go live

Test call routing, IVR, and numbers

5. Acceptance phase

Post go live meeting and customer success handoff

Here's how we'll partner with you

Custom project plan

A project plan built to achieve the go live date set by your team.

Network readiness

A network evaluation to verify an optimal environment for Dialpad.

Customized training

Admin and user training based on how your teams will be using Dialpad.

Solution design & configuration

Guidance with setting up call routing, integrations, and more.

Go live support & assistance

End-to-end monitoring of the porting and number migration process.

Get in touch with the team

Questions? Reach out to your account executive and they'll get you connected with us.