Dialpad Integration with Alexa Delivers Instant, Touch-Free Access to Business Communications Throughout a Home or Office

With Another Dialpad First, Your Virtual Assistant Now Handles Your Communication Tasks

SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2017 ‐ Dialpad today announced an integration with Amazon Alexa, providing instant, touch-free access to Dialpad’s business communications capabilities using the Alexa voice assistant. Dialpad is the first communications platform to integrate with Alexa. The integration means users won’t need to touch their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer in order to place and transfer calls, add contacts to an in-progress call, check voicemail and much more.

“Our mission is always to make it easier for mobile workers to get more work done faster,” said Brian Peterson, co-founder and VP of engineering at Dialpad. “Our integration with Alexa extends touch-free mobility anywhere inside a home or office where Alexa can hear you – without ever needing to access the physical device. This is a major leap forward in how the cloud provides complete mobility for remote and mobile workers.”

The popularity of devices like Alexa has demonstrated the general appeal of having a personal assistant that can keep track of and streamline basic activities by using voice commands. With the addition of voice control over Dialpad via Alexa, everyone – not just executives – can have a personal assistant that immediately responds to requests such as “call John using Dialpad,” or “check my voicemail,” or “record this call.”

“This is true mobility in the sense that up until now, you could take your calls from any of your existing devices, but you were still required to actually have physical access,” said Vincent Paquet, vice president of product for Dialpad. “Whether it's a computer, a smartphone, a desk phone or a tablet, with Alexa we extend mobility to the last frontier so you can now make calls using Dialpad from anywhere without having to touch any of your devices.”

Integrating cloud-based Dialpad with a cloud-based voice assistant is another milestone in the internet of everything, demonstrating the power of the cloud to deliver complete mobility. Users no longer have to touch a device to interact with the world. As voice assistants extend beyond your office and home to cars and even wearables, seamless access to communications will go with us wherever we are or what we do.

Unlike a platform-specific communications system, Dialpad will eventually be compatible with multiple voice assistants, ensuring an excellent user experience no matter what other communications platform or virtual assistant your contacts are using. For example, integration with Google Home is coming soon.

Dialpad features available through Alexa include:

  • Place a call to a contact
  • Add a contact to the current call
  • Transfer the current call to another person
  • Place a call on hold
  • Record a call
  • Check Dialpad voicemail and text messages
  • Enable and disable Do Not Disturb
  • Transfer a call from device to device, for example, from Alexa to a mobile phone or a mobile phone to Alexa
  • Listen to Dialpad system reports, such as “total call volume for the current week”


Alexa integration will be available to a select group of Dialpad users on May 15, 2017, with a general availability to follow soon after.


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