Dialpad drives Work From Anywhere revolution with Dialpad Channels for virtual watercooler conversations

Dialpad is first to integrate social audio and topic-based messaging channels for UCaaS and CCaaS, providing meeting equity between in-office and remote employees

SAN FRANCISCO — July 13, 2021 — Dialpad Inc., the industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, today introduced Dialpad Channels, a new conversational feature within the Dialpad app that helps teams keep lines of communication open and flowing naturally through voice and chat. Dialpad Channels delivers a familiar messaging experience with topic-based conversation for groups of all sizes. With simple, one-click activation, Dialpad Channels offers teams a “light lift” collaboration tool for quick text and/or audio conversations, helping to combat video meeting fatigue.

“The launch of Dialpad Channels makes it easy for co-workers to communicate in ways they normally would in person, such as holding office hours, ‘taking conversations offline,’ or the organic chats co-workers have between meetings,” said Brian Peterson, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Dialpad. “Dialpad is the only company to offer audio functionality within topic-based messaging channels for both UCaaS and CCaaS, providing a lightweight solution to reduce the abundance of 30-minute meetings with quick, 5-minute audio conversations. Dialpad Channels also reduces app overload as employees continue working remotely and want to communicate using a variety of methods.”

The rapid shift to remote working brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations worldwide to adapt quickly and adopt new ways of working. Throughout 2020, business needs evolved at a never-seen-before pace, requiring new solutions as quickly as new problems arose. Dialpad launches Dialpad Channels as an answer to both new and old communication needs made more complicated by the new normal of the hybrid workplace era. Dialpad Channels features:

  • Topic-based conversations for groups of all sizes: Stay more organized and productive by segmenting your conversations by both people and topic. Whether it's a one-on-one chat or an all-company notification, Dialpad Channels enables direct connections throughout an organization utilizing communications methods based on individual preferences.

  • Always-on audio channel for impromptu meetings and office hours: Each communication channel is equipped with an always-on voice-only meeting room to quickly connect co-workers on hot topics and avoid unnecessary scheduling delays.

  • Familiar messaging experience: The rise of messaging, in both business and personal communications, has evolved text communication into a mix of words, pictures, emojis, video clips and more. Dialpad empowers users to communicate using familiar methods beyond a text-only format.

  • Fully searchable message history: Dialpad Channels is equipped with full searchability across all past conversations to analyze and clarify previous communications, eliminating forgotten action items, reducing errors and improving accountability.

“As we continue to define the evolving digital workplace, a notable missing piece has been the spoken watercooler conversations and quick verbal conversations that occur naturally in physical offices. Dialpad Channels provides a unique approach to recreating those moments in distributed environments,” said Dave Michels, Principal Analyst at TalkingPointz. “This new release is a radical, yet natural product evolution for Dialpad, which has extensive experience developing high-quality, reliable voice solutions.”

Dialpad Channels helps to level the playing field between at-home and in-office colleagues, by replicating the common office interactions that drive productivity, while streamlining communications in one easy-to-use tool. Dialpad Channels is suited for any size organization looking to eliminate multiple solutions for communication and collaboration. With Dialpad Channels, employees can replicate an empty conference room or “corner huddle” with an open and dedicated Channel. Ideal use cases for Dialpad Channels include:

- Company Huddles or Department Workshops with up to 1,000 users

- Secure meetings with privacy for sensitive topics such as human resources issues, crucial deal negotiations, fundraising rounds or mergers and acquisitions

- Daily Regular Rooms for meeting needs ranging from simple morning check-ins to office hours for educators and business professionals

- Internal panel discussions with multiple active subjects

- Quick and informal discussions or huddles with small groups versus in-depth meetings and presentations

- Brief question and answer sessions

About Dialpad

Dialpad is the leading cloud communications platform for talk, messaging, meetings and contact center in one beautiful app. Dialpad’s platform delivers AI across every employee and customer experience through real-time transcriptions, live agent coaching and sentiment analysis. More than 73,000 of the world’s most innovative businesses, including Domo, Motorola Solutions, Netflix, Splunk, Stripe, T-Mobile, Twitter, Uber and WeWork use Dialpad to connect and collaborate. Dialpad is backed by the world’s leading investors including Amasia, Andreessen Horowitz, Felicis Ventures, GV, ICONIQ Capital, OMERS Growth Equity, Salesforce Ventures, Scale Ventures, Section 32, SoftBank Corp., T-Mobile Ventures and Work-Bench. Visit www.dialpad.com for more information and to request a demo.