Dialpad and Zoho Partner to Enhance CRM Functionality for Customers of All Sizes

New Dialpad-Zoho integration provides sales and contact center agents with contextually relevant customer information to improve customer experiences

SAN FRANCISCO — November 16, 2021— Dialpad Inc., the industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, today announced its integration with Zoho CRM, an award-winning CRM that powers 250,000+ businesses worldwide. The Dialpad® cloud-native communications platform is the one place for a truly Unified Communications as a Service (TrueCaaS™) experience, reducing app overload and streamlining the way people work. The Dialpad-Zoho integration improves operational efficiency through automation, eliminating manual tasks and switching between applications to boost agent productivity.

“As Dialpad builds on its TrueCaaS vision, product integrations are key to our success by quickly filling specific needs for customers. We are thrilled to make it easier for Zoho CRM customers across 180 countries to leverage Dialpad” said Bridget Silvi, Director of Strategic Alliances at Dialpad. “This integration is just the beginning of our partnership with Zoho and we are excited to provide additional functionality for Dialpad + Zoho CRM customers.”

Dialpad helps companies simplify business communications and collaboration with a TrueCaaS solution delivered through a single pane of glass, and customer engagement all on one cohesive platform with AI at its core. Zoho CRM is an ideal complementary integration with Dialpad’s unified approach, acting as a single repository to bring sales, marketing, and customer support activities together and streamlining processes, policies, and people in one platform. Through the native integration, Dialpad and Zoho CRM are simplifying how data is used to inform customer interactions. Beyond reducing app-switching and creating a more unified communications experience that gives agents just one app to tap, the Dialpad-Zoho integration allows customers to:

  • Improve productivity and efficiency: Save time and improve agent focus by automating manual tasks like call logging within the corresponding Zoho CRM customer record.

  • Provide better customer experiences: Empower agents with historical customer data instantaneously with Dialpad Voice Intelligence (Vi™) to provide a more personalized customer experience.

  • Work from anywhere: Teams and managers can stay engaged, effective, and efficient from anywhere in the world with a mobile-first, cloud-based integration.

“High-performing sales teams don’t just have the right talent but also the right tools that bring in valuable context for better customer conversations and conversions,” said Anand Nergunam, VP Revenue Growth at Zoho. “This partnership is a step towards helping our mutual users with an integrated experience that makes sales conversations more personalized and effective.”

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